The Stanley D. and Joan H. Ross Center for Brain Health and Performance was created to help unlock the potential of the human brain and redefine brain health. The Center conducts life-changing brain research and disseminates findings to both health care professionals and the general public.

We are exploring ways to measure, analyze and improve brain function. New discoveries will allow us to help people optimize their brain performance by managing factors that deplete it, as well as more rapidly replenishing expended reserves.

Mission: To optimize health and performance by revolutionizing the understanding of the brain

Vision: Be a global leader in measuring, predicting and optimizing brain health


A healthy brain is one that is performing optimally. Brain health is a term that encompasses how our brains function to influence wellness and performance of the entire body. Our bodily health and wellness (weight, exercise, endurance, nutrition, sleep, engagement) influences our brain health (cognitive performance and physical performance) and vice versa.


Refers to our moment-to-moment capacity for performance. There is maximum capacity for performance and functioning at any given moment. Capabilities vary from person to person and moment to moment. Capabilities must be “recharged” regularly through rest, nutrition, engagement, etc. We cannot operate at 100% all the time. Our capabilities reach their optimum potential when our brain health (and therefore, body health) is well managed. We aim to discover how best to improve our Neurocapacity.

Introducing Ohio State’s Stanley D. and Joan H. Ross Center for Brain Health and Performance

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