The four projects featured here are part of a 3-year, $1 million grant from the Rudi Schulte Research Institute. The Center also received $2.5 million gift from the Harry T. Mangurian Jr. Foundation to establish the Human Performance Innovation Initiative, which will build on existing research collaborations with the Ohio State Neurological Institute, Ohio State Athletics, and the United States Air Force Research Laboratory.

Schulte Grant: Gamification of therapeutic effort

Constraint-induced movement therapy (CI therapy) has been used successfully to improve range of motion in the weaker arm and also promote brain neuroplasticity, helping to strengthen the neural networks that facilitate arm movement.

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Schulte Grant: Lifelogging an integrated whole body network

The Lifelogging, an integrated, whole-body network project seeks to develop an individual, holistic model of changes in neurocapacity using feedback from our nervous systems, which are constantly responding to both low-level stimuli from within our bodies and higher-level stimuli from our environments.

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Schulte Grant: Investigating the impact of dim light at night on metabolic disease

A new study from Ohio State researchers provides evidence that exposure to dim light at night (dLAN) can lead to increased body mass, without changes in total food intake or activity.

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Schulte Grant: Sleep light and inflammation

While we may not be able to eliminate light at night (LAN), we can minimize its biological effects. By becoming more aware of the impact of LAN on our brain health and physical wellness, we can make better choices about light exposure at night and how we can adapt our environments and schedule our sleep.

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