Postdoctoral Researcher Position

The Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research has an opening for a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Lisa Christian, PhD, the Director of the Stress, Behavioral Immunology, and Health Disparities Lab. The lab provides an outstanding interdisciplinary training environment with excellent publication opportunities; in addition to ongoing data collection, over 7 completed studies offer data for secondary analysis. Postdocs also receive mentoring in grantsmanship and professional development. 

Studies in our lab focus on biological pathways linking chronic stress and health, with a focus on health disparities. In terms of study populations, a primary focus of our lab is racial and socioeconomic disparities in perinatal health – including studies of women, infants, and partners during pregnancy and postpartum/early life.  In addition, a newly emerging focus is exposure to discrimination and stigma in relation to health disparities among sexual minorities (i.e., gay men, lesbian women, and bisexuals). Biological mechanisms of focus include, but are not limited to, inflammation, neuroendocrine function (e.g., cortisol, brain-derived neurotrophic factor), cellular aging (e.g., telomere length), gene expression (transcriptomics), gut microbiome, metabolomics, immune responses to vaccines, and immune control of latent viruses. In conducting these studies, our lab collaborates with internationally-recognized leaders in a variety of other disciplines including virology, immunology, microbiology, social genomics, nutrition, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, anthropology, demography, and public health providing an exceptionally rich and varied training experience that can be tailored to the applicant’s career goals. 

More information, including a list of publications from the lab, can be found here. The goal of this position is to gain knowledge, skill, and independence required to successfully establish a career as a principal investigator. Funding is available for at least two years, with year two dependent upon satisfactory performance in year one. Funding for additional years (beyond two) is dependent on applicant securing funding (via NIH or an internal T32 application). Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Requirements: (1) PhD in psychology (or a closely related field); (2) prior human research experience and publications. Solid quantitative skills and experience with biobehavioral and/or psychoneuroimmunology research are desired but not essential. ABD status is acceptable during the application period, but the PhD must be completed by the start date. NIH pay scale and benefits. Apply electronically by sending a CV that includes contact information for your three references, a letter of interest that describes your background, your areas of interest, and what you would like to accomplish during a 2 year fellowship, and representative publications to 

Student Job Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Assistants

We frequently have opportunities available for undergraduate research assistants who are interested in gaining research experience by enrolling for credit in Psychology 4998.

Medical Students

There are also opportunities for medical students and graduate nursing students to join the lab. These positions provide excellent research experience for students considering graduate school and/or a career in research.


  • Successful applicants must be detail-oriented, enthusiastic, highly professional and friendly when working with study participants from diverse backgrounds
  • Past research experience is ideal, but not required. For undergraduate positions, junior or senior level students are preferred
  • A cumulative GPA at or above 3.5 is required. Selected applicants tend to have GPAs at or above 3.7
  • Please provide your schedule of classes for the upcoming semester
  • Please note special skills, such as phlebotomy, on your application. Students with aptitude and interest may have the opportunity to be trained in phlebotomy

We will contact you regarding your application if there is a position available that fits your background and availability.

Undergraduate Research Assistant positions for the 2019-2020 year are currently fulfilled.

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