Current Studies

A central focus of our research program is racial disparities in preterm birth. We are also examining maternal factors such as stress and obesity during pregnancy and postpartum, which in turn affect health in infants and toddlers. Our research program is currently accepting applications for the research studies listed below.

In addition to our current research studies, several studies have been featured in press releases as a result of the research of our doctors and researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Stress and Health in Pregnancy and Postpartum (SHIPP3)


The purpose of this study is to  look at links among life stressors, mood, social support and physical health in women from late pregnancy through the first year postpartum.

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SHIPP Partner Study

SHIPP Partner Study
This study will look at how partners adjust to the birth of a new baby including life stress, mood, relationship, quality and health behaviors.

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