This study looks at links among life stressors, mood, social support and physical health in women from late pregnancy through the first year postpartum.

Note: This study has now completed recruitment. 
Common Questions

Common Questions

What is the purpose of this study?

This study will look at links between life stressors, mood, social support and physical health in women from late pregnancy through the first year postpartum.

Stressors of interest are infant health/illnesses and life events (e.g., moving, divorce). Health measures include sleep, weight, immune function and number of illnesses (such as colds and flu).

What does this study involve?

Each woman will complete five study visits and each visit will take one and a half to two hours. The first visit will take place during the third trimester, the second at four to six weeks postpartum and visit three at four months postpartum. The fourth visit will be at eight months postpartum, and visit five will occur at 12 months postpartum.

At each visit your height, weight and blood pressure will be measured, along with your heart function and glucose levels. You will also fill out questionnaires and have 60mL (approximately four Tablespoons) of blood drawn. At each visit you will provide stool samples and oral swabs for yourself and your baby (postpartum visits only). Also at each visit, you will wear a sleep and exercise tracker on your wrist for seven days and complete questions about your sleep each of those days. At visits two and five you will have your body composition (i.e., amount of fat and muscle and bone health) measured using a DXA (dual x-ray absorptiometry) machine. 

You will complete a brief survey by email at two, three, five, six, seven, nine, 10 and 11 months postpartum related to you and your baby’s health. 

Cord blood is standardly collected at all deliveries at OSUWMC. If your baby's cord blood is not needed for medical reasons, this sample will be given to our study personnel rather than being thrown away. 

As part of this study, your partner will also have the option to participate. If your partner does participate, they will complete questionnaires and interview measures. Your partner’s responses will not be shared with you, and your responses will not be shared with your partner.

Who is eligible?

Women ages 18-40 years old that are less than 34 weeks pregnant may be eligible for this study.

Is there any compensation?

You will be paid a total of $385 if you complete all aspects of the study.

  • $30 at your first visit
  • $50 at your second visit
  • $55 at your third visit
  • $60 at your fourth visit
  • $65 at your fifth visit

In addition, you will receive a $25 gift card at each visit for providing stool samples and oral swabs. 

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