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Year in Review: 2017

Over the last five years we’ve seen our Neurological Institute evolve in many ways. Our original vision of a hub of multidisciplinary practitioners and scientists collaborating to help people with neurological disorders has certainly come to fruition. But we never could have imagined the breakthrough science, translational discoveries and innovations in treatment we are seeing today.

Looking over the accomplishments of just this past year, we are so impressed with how we are growing. We are welcoming new specialists, faculty and research staff to our team. We’re continually initiating and participating in more — and more impactful — research studies and technological advancements. Our expanding educational programs allow us to train a greater number of neuroscience experts.

In this publication, we highlight our departments and specialized centers, featuring just a small sampling of their many activities and ongoing projects. To mention one example, we are advancing
knowledge of neurodegenerative and Alzheimer’s disease by bringing together fifteen new hires — eight in the Ohio State College of Medicine and seven in allied departments, including Engineering, Public Health, Nursing and Epidemiology — to collaborate in a dedicated facility on campus. Initiatives like this one reflect the best of everything we do.

As we move forward we will continue to celebrate our institute’s evolution. And through every challenge and change, we will renew our commitment to make the future brighter for those with challenging neurological conditions.

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