BrownImageRTFThe Brown Lab at Ohio State is devoted to the study of the cytoskeleton of nerve cells and the mechanism of axonal transport.

The lab, which is part of the Ohio State Neurological Institute, is focused on the understanding the biology of neurofilaments – a major structural component of brain cells – in health and disease. Towards this goal, the lab uses a broad range of cellular and molecular techniques – including light and electron microscopy, live-cell fluorescence imaging, protein biochemistry and nerve cell culture – to study the transport and assembly dynamics of neurofilaments in nerve cells.

Our Leaders


Anthony Brown, PhD

Professor, Department of Neuroscience

Dr. Brown received his postdoctoral training at Case Western Reserve University and Temple University. He and his team of cell biologists study the cytoskeleton of nerve cells and the mechanisms of slow axonal transport. His studies have focused on the abnormalities of axonal transport of neurofilaments, which are thought to underlie the etiology of a number of neurodegenerative diseases.

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Department of Neuroscience
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For information about how you can support Ohio State axonal transport research: Leigh Briggs, Director of Development, Neurosciences, 614-293-4584

For information about career or training opportunities in this lab, contact Anthony Brown, PhD

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