KisanukiLabImageRTFDr. Yasushi Kisanuki’s research specializes in neurogenetics and neurological disorders and diseases of the brain. The lab is focused on characterizing and developing treatments for hereditary spastic paraplegia.

Our Leaders


Yasushi Kisanuki, PhD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kisanuki received his MD from the University of Tokyo and completed his medical internship at Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, followed by a neurology residency and neurogenetics fellowship at the University of Michigan. His postdoctoral research at Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Texas focused on peptides involved in vascular and sleep physiology.

Current Projects

Current Projects


Yasushi Kisanuki, MD

760 Biomedical Research Tower
460 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
Lab Phone: 614-292-5356
Lab Fax: 614-292-7544

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