GuoLabImageRTFThe Laboratory for Biotronic Engineering designs and builds electronic circuits that can be integrated with biological tissue.

The lab, which is part of the Ohio State Neurological Institute, is working to develop these so-called integrated cellular circuits as implantable medical devices for treatment, restoration, and augmentation to body functions. The lab also uses these circuits as biomedical research tools to study biological principles, systems, and functions.

Our Leaders


Liang Guo, PhD

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering and SBS-Neuroscience

Dr. Guo integrates advances in tissue engineering, synthetic biology, stem cell technology, drug delivery, biomaterials, electronics, microelectromechanical systems, nanoelectromechanical and neural engineering.

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Our Staff

Nick Chehade
Undergraduate Student

Forest Kunecke
Undergraduate Student

Mary C. Lenk
Undergraduate Student

Jordan Prox, BS
Graduate Student

Farhan S. Quadri
Undergraduate Student

Qinwan Rabbani
Undergraduate Student

Yongchen Wang, MA
Graduate Student

Yu Wu, BE
Graduate Student

Xiao Xie, PhD, CAS
Research Associate

Bingxi Yan, MS
Graduate Student

David Youssef
Undergraduate Student


Phone: 614-292-5878


Dreese Labs Address

The Ohio State University 
Building 279 
2015 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Biomedical Research Tower

The Ohio State University
Building 112 
460 W 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

For information about how you can support Ohio State biotronic engineering research: Leigh Briggs, Director of Development – Neurosciences, 614-293-4584

For information about career or postdoctoral training opportunities in this lab, contact Liang Guo, PhD

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