The Neuroscience Research Institute

Director, Research Administration
Administrative Director
Neuroscience Research Institute, The Ohio State University

Adjunct Research Professor, College of Nursing
Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Public Health

376 W. 10th Ave.
Suite 205, Room 244
Columbus, OH 43210

Research Interests: Since 1988, Dr. Reider has been involved in the development, coordination, management and administration of various publicly or privately sponsored, single or multicenter, clinical or epidemiological research projects. He is an expert on Data and Safety Monitoring Committees for investigator initiated clinical research studies.

Current Research: Dr. Reider is the administrative director for the Neuroscience Research Institute at Ohio State, facilitating research best practices and collaborations for 180+ faculty and 40 clinical research staff. 

Background: Dr. Reider is an expert on regulations and ethical principles of clinical research and their consideration in protocol development. He is also an expert on Data and Safety Monitoring Committees for investigator initiated clinical research studies.

From 2002-2015, Dr. Reider served as the research subject advocate for the Clinical Research Center at The Ohio State University. From 2008 through 2015, he served as an in-house clinical research consultant for the Center for Clinical and Translational Science, an NIH-CTSA site, providing regulatory and research ethics protocol development, IRB submission and study monitoring support and was actively engaged in various related CTSA Consortium and university initiatives, including the Ohio Reliant IRB Consortium and the National CTSA Reliant IRB Collaboration.

Completed Support:
CTSA-UL1TR001070- Rebecca Jackson (PI) 100% 05/01/2013- 08/31/2015
NIH/NCRR - Clinical and Translational Science Award

CTSA- UL1RR025755-Rebecca Jackson (PI) 100% 05/19/2008- 04/30/2013
NIH/NCRR - Clinical and Translational Science Award

M01-RR00034-37 – Wiley Souba (PI) 100% 12/01/2006- 11/30/2009
NIH/NCRR - General Clinical Research Cente

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MS: The Ohio State University
PhD: The Ohio State University

• Founding member, American Society for Experimental Neurotherapeutics (1997) 
• Institutional and national expert, Data and Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs)
• Co-chair, Clinical and Translational Science Award DSMB workgroup
• Health Improvement Institute: CCTS Human Research Protection Program, Certificate of Merit (2012)

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