More than 50 million people in the United States and a billion people worldwide have a neurological disorder, and the numbers are rising.


To meet this challenge, the world needs a leader in brain and spine treatment and research. Ohio State's Neurological Institute seeks to be that leader.

Ohio State is one of the first medical centers in the country to combine five neuroscience-related specialties into a single, integrated program. With five hospitals, 10 ambulatory care centers and a neurological research institute, Ohio State is designed to rapidly unlock the mysteries of the brain and to pioneer therapies and technology on every neurological front.

We have one of the largest neuromuscular clinical and research programs in the country. We are national leaders in neuromodulation and minimally invasive skull-base surgeries. We are also developing the neurological clinicians and neuroscientists of the future through highly specialized training programs found at only a few other institutions.

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