Central Ohio is our community and we are fully dedicated to improving the lives and health of our friends and neighbors. We offer numerous initiatives throughout the year to help carry out this mission. Many of these events, classes and programs are completely free of charge.

We all want to eat healthy – but there’s no need for our taste buds to suffer. We are here to educate our entire community on ways to eat healthy foods that are equally delicious!

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Ross Heart Hospital Community Garden

The Ross Heart Hospital Community Garden has become a valuable resource to so many in our community. The purpose of the garden is to improve the health and wellness of its visitors by informing them of the importance of healthy eating, cooking and nutrition. Patients, caregivers and community members have reaped the benefits of the community garden – helping them all live a healthier lifestyle.

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Farmers markets

One of the best ways to eat healthier is to explore one of central Ohio’s many farmers’ markets. The Columbus area offers several farmers markets.

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Food pantry

We recognize the growing need for healthy food options, especially among our impoverished communities. We are proud to support these efforts through community outreach programs with food banks and food pantries throughout central Ohio.

For example, we work with Mid-Ohio Foodbank to provide food from some of our community gardens. The Mid-Ohio Foodbank provides nearly 150,000 meals every day to hungry people across central and eastern Ohio. Our team of experts provide recipes along with culinary and nutrition education in order to help families eat healthier every day.

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