Our Diabetes in Pregnancy Program is one of the country’s leading programs, serving expectant mothers who have diabetes before pregnancy and those who develop it during pregnancy. We provide complete, personalized care, addressing both your diabetes and your unique prenatal needs.

Our early intensive diabetes education and management helps you optimize your glycemic control to reduce risks, such as birth defects, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia and birth injuries. Beyond pregnancy, we address your health after delivery. And, of course, we work closely with your referring Ob/Gyn or medical endocrinologist throughout your pregnancy.

Our Services

The Diabetes in Pregnancy Program team offers a variety of patient services personalized to meet your unique needs, including:


You’ll meet with a dietitian and a certified diabetes educator to learn more about managing your condition through optimal diet, exercise, self-glucose monitoring and, if necessary, medication.


You’ll undergo Level 2 (targeted anatomy) ultrasound at 18-20 weeks to check for possible abnormalities and birth defects, such as cardiac malformation and spina bifida.

Fetal echocardiogram

You may undergo this in-office screening by a pediatric cardiologist at 20-22 weeks to assess the structure and function of baby’s heart before birth, including the presence of heart defects.

Regular glucose reviews

Our nursing staff will facilitate physician review of your self-glucose monitoring records by phone or in-clinic in order to start or adjust medication, as needed. If insulin is needed, you will come in for a one on one education session with our diabetes nurse.

Insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring sensors

Physicians using the latest technologies, including insulin pumps and glucose monitoring sensors, help in managing your diabetes.

Preconception consultation

In conjunction with the care provided by your endocrinologist, we help you learn more about planning for pregnancy. This includes the importance of good glucose management to minimize early complications, such as miscarriage or birth defects.

Why Choose Ohio State?

Our specialists are national leaders in diabetes care and have the most experience in central Ohio caring for women with challenging-to-control diabetes. We help thousands of women have the healthiest and safest pregnancies possible. In addition to our highly qualified team of Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists, dietitians and nursing staff, our High-Risk Pregnancy Program nurses are solely dedicated to diabetes education.

Ohio State’s Diabetes in Pregnancy Program is one of the leading programs in the United States. Well-known for our cutting-edge work in diabetes research and education, our physicians have directed multiple clinical trials, authored numerous research papers, and informed nationwide best practices in managing diabetes in pregnancy.

Our Patients

We help women with diabetes have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Because most women with pre-existing diabetes know they’re at high-risk if they become pregnant, they typically come to us before or at the beginning of their pregnancy for co-managed care with their primary Ob/Gyn. Our group manages diabetes and the concurrent medical conditions associated with it, including hypertension, thyroid dysfunction and diseases of the eyes, heart and kidneys.

For those with gestational diabetes, we assist in managing diabetes during the final months of pregnancy with a personalized care plan, communicating our recommendations immediately to her primary obstetrician.

If you’re a woman with diabetes who is, or wishes to become pregnant, we can help. Your primary Ob/Gyn may continue to provide routine care throughout your pregnancy or you and your doctor may choose to transfer your pregnancy care (routine exams, delivery, postpartum checkups) to us.

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