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Because birth is a family event, your partner and family are included in the birth experience as much as possible here at the Maternity Center at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. We provide the comforts of home with the most advanced technology and experienced staff to give you the highest level of care, and peace of mind.

Our patients include women having vaginal deliveries, cesarean deliveries, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) deliveries and high-risk deliveries including multiples and preterm deliveries.

Having your Buckeye Baby

Why Choose Ohio State?

When you have your baby here, you join thousands of other women who’ve delivered their babies with us.

  • We practice family-centered care, so you, your baby and your partner are continually together throughout your stay.
  • Our comfortable, modern, private rooms feature your own bathroom with shower, meals of your choice, complimentary snacks, free Wi-Fi and TV, and comfort items, such as lip balm and hand sanitizer.
  • Our certified fetal-monitoring staff uses only the latest equipment.
  • We offer around-the-clock physician coverage, including anesthesiologists.
  • We keep up with and incorporate best practices in caring for mom and baby.
  • Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is always available for newborns requiring extra attention due to premature delivery or complication.
  • Moms like you take comfort in knowing that Ohio State is prepared for both routine and unexpected care.

Our Services

Labor and delivery

We emphasize keeping you with your baby and partner/support person as much as possible. We also encourage breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact soon after birth.

After-delivery/postpartum and newborn care

Our center offers all private rooms with space for your baby and support person to stay with you overnight. We also have 24/7 pediatric coverage, dining-on-demand, which includes a personalized menu and free continental breakfast for your partner/support person.

Lactation consultants

Our registered nurses, who are also specially certified in lactation, will see you at least once during your hospital stay to help with your concerns and questions for feeding your baby (including breastfeeding, pumping and feeding assessments).

Once you are discharged from the hospital, you may call for a phone consultation at 614-293-8910.

In-hospital bed-rest/antepartum care

We give special attention to women with pregnancy complications. In addition to medical care for your unique needs, this service includes a variety of activities such as baby showers and educational programs.

Buckeye Baby Photos Login

Welcome to Buckeye Babies

Welcome to Buckeye Babies

Buckeye Babies is the official Web nursery for babies born at the OSU Maternity Center. It is a free service to new parents that enables them to post their babies’ photo on our secure Web site for friends and family to see.

We believe in protecting the confidentiality and ensuring the safety of our newest arrivals and their parents. For this reason, we have “password protected” this site meaning only those to whom you have been provided the special password can view baby’s photo and birth information.

If you have been given a password, please click the link to the right to access the Buckeye Babies Web nursery images, hosted on Bella Baby. If you are delivering your baby at OSU Wexner Medical Center, you will be provided with information during your hospital stay on how to: schedule your baby's photo, post on Buckeye Babies Web nursery and order printed photos. 

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