Ohio State provides specialized primary care and adult specialists for patients with chronic medical conditions originating in childhood

Ohio State's Comprehensive Adolescent/Adult Transitional Care Home (CATCH) Program aims to improve the lives of adolescents and young adults with chronic childhood medical conditions. Our multidisciplinary team ensures a sensitive, personalized transition to adult primary and specialty care.  We empower our patients take charge of their medical care and help them navigate the adult health care system.  We serve as consultants and as a medical home depending on what our patients need.

You can call 614-293-5123 to schedule an appointment.
About the program

About the program

Are you ready for adult care?

Talk to your pediatrician and specialists to see if you:

  •  Are 17 years or older
  •  Have one or more chronic medical condition originating in childhood
  •  Follow with one or more specialist, often within the Nationwide Children's Hospital system

Who are the members of the transition team?

  •  Transition primary care doctors board certified in pediatrics and internal medicine 
•  Specialist doctors
•  Transition coordinators 
•  Nurses
•  Social worker
•  Pharmacists

What do we talk about?

  •  Becoming responsible for your health care (making appointments, refilling prescriptions
•  Insurance coverage
•  Education, career and job counseling
•  Mental health, coping with disease, identifying your support system
•  Smoking, drugs and alcohol
•  Sexual health 
•  Preventative care 
•  Portable medical summary
•  Identification of adult specialists 

What is the transition process?

Ask your doctor to place a referral to our clinic if you are ready for transition. You will do a pre-visit intake with one of our transition coordinators at the Grandview clinic. You will have a visit with your transition primary care doctor at Grandview or Hilliard location depending on your preference

Over several visits we will cover the issues above. You can continue to stay with your transition primary care doctor or they can help you switch to another adult doctor closer to you when you are ready.

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