Diversity in medicine is not simply important in theory. Lives depend on it. Teams that are racially, ethnically, gender and orientation diverse are best equipped to provide cross-culturally competent care, engage patients in their healthcare management, improve diagnostic accuracy, and improve healthcare outcomes. Diversity within medical education has been shown to enhance the training experience and improve learner satisfaction. Inclusive teams, teams that value the contributions of all members, demonstrate enhanced problem solving and innovation. Simply put, diversity and inclusion are essential to our core mission of training excellence and imperative to providing the best possible patient care.

As a combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics program, our faculty and trainees participate in the many DEI initiatives taking place at each of our parent institutions in collaboration with our categorical peers. Within our residency program, we are continually working to refine our recruitment efforts to ensure holistic review of every applicant and extinguish any implicit biases throughout the application and recruitment process. We are committed to supporting our current trainees through mentorship and community. We strive to be an anti-racist program working towards equity for trainees and patients alike.

Mission Statement

Our Med Peds residency program is committed to providing quality care to the diverse population of central Ohio. We believe one of the best ways to achieve this is by fostering a workforce that is culturally diverse and actively working towards equity. As a residency family made up of different backgrounds, we know each of our residents brings a unique voice and set of experiences that enriches our conversations, strengthens our awareness, and helps us grow as physicians and leaders. Together, we share a common goal of reducing systemic biases affecting our patients.

Med Peds Team for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity: TIDE

Our Med Peds Resident led Team for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (TIDE) spearheads grassroots efforts to increase the workforce diversity through outreach, partnering with student groups, enhancing the recruitment experience and supporting the community of residents who call Ohio State and Nationwide Children’s Hospital home.

DEI Resources

DEI Resources

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