The inpatient service consists of three teaching teams ID Team 1, 2 (General Infectious Disease) and the James (Immunocompromised Service) with each team having one fellow. There is also a non-teaching service, staffed by an ID faculty member and Nurse Practitioner. Each team will have a dedicated ID Pharmacist, as well as Medical Residents, students and pharmacy residents and students. All of the consults which are admitted to the James are seen by the James Infectious Disease service. The remainder of the consults are distributed in a 2:2:1 ratio (two consults to Team 1, two consults to Team 2 and 1 consult to the overflow service). Weekend call is divided every third weekend, with one fellow being the dedicated on-call fellow.

Outpatient clinic consists of a half a day of clinic a week, with one of the clinics being dedicated to the care of HIV patients and another clinic day being dedicated to General Infectious Diseases.  When fellows are not on consult service blocks, in addition to their regular continuity clinic, they attend Hepatitis C clinic once a week. Fellows who choose a sub-specialty track are expected to participate in additional clinics related to their track.

During your first year you will rotate through Columbus Public Health, where you will divide your time between the Sexual Health Clinic and TB Clinic. Here you will gain valuable experience with the diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis and learn how to investigate an outbreak.  Your first month of fellowship is spent in the clinical microbiology lab, where you will learn the most up to date techniques and technology in microbiology; and when you are off service you are expected to attend clinical microbiology rounds every second and fourth Thursday of the month.

First Year

During your first year of fellowship you will be spending a majority of the year in the clinical setting. You will have 28 weeks of inpatient service, 4 weeks of Clinical Microbiology, 4 weeks of Columbus Public Health and one half day a week of continuity clinic. You will have 20 weeks dedicated to research.

  • 4 weeks: Clinical Microbiology and Orientation
  • 28 weeks: Inpatient ID Service
    • 8 weeks James Infectious Disease Service
    • 20 weeks General Infectious Disease Service
  • 3 weeks: Vacation
  • 4 weeks: Columbus Public Health
  • 20 weeks: Research

Second Year

During this year, you will spend less time on the inpatient infectious disease service, continue with your continuity clinic, and have the ability to choose a subspecialty track to further specialize their training.

  • 4 weeks: Hospital Epidemiology
  • 4 weeks: Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • 20 weeks: Research
  • 20 weeks: Inpatient ID Service
    • 8 weeks James Infectious Disease Service
    • 12 weeks General Infectious Disease Service
  • 3 weeks: vacation
Subspecialty Tracks

Subspecialty Tracks

During your five months of research, you have the option to pursue further training in a subspecialty track of your choosing. We offer the subspecialty track options below.

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