STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 - 2024

Driving breakthrough healthcare solutions to improve people's lives

Our team of more than 23,000 is driven by our mission to improve health in Ohio and across the world through innovation in research, education and patient care. The foundation of our new strategic plan is centered on our ambition, mission, vision and values.



We will become a leading academic medical center driving breakthrough healthcare solutions to improve people's lives.


We will improve health in Ohio and across the world through innovation in research, education and patient care.


We will push the boundaries of discovery and knowledge, solve significant health problems and deliver unparalleled care.


Inclusiveness, Determination, Empathy, Sincerity, Ownership and Innovation


The strategic plan is the result of collaboration, engagement and ideas from faculty, staff and leaders across the medical center and university.

A founding principle of our planning process was to actively engage faculty and staff through various means, including faculty meetings, town halls, faculty leadership forums, surveys, focus groups and strategy groups that addressed specific issues facing the medical center. The strategic planning process was led by a Board Oversight Group which included members of the medical center's board of trustees, university leaders, including President Michael Drake, and medical center leadership.

Additionally, a team of medical center faculty and leaders was formed to help advance the planning process, discuss key strategic issues and gather insight from across the organization to ensure a comprehensive planning process. The Medical Center Board will continue to have an active role alongside medical center leaders to ensure the plan is successfully implemented.

Learn more about our approach:

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Strategic Planning and Involvement

  • 45 board and senior leader interviews
  • 150+ person electronic survey
  • 220+ participants in component strategy planning
  • 1,500+ responses from faculty/staff
  • 4 town hall meetings w/ 500+ participants and multiple forums
  • Faculty department meetings


To achieve our ambition, mission and vision, we need specific goals and strategies that can be put into action.

Ohio State Wexner Medical Center has an important role in the success of the university's new strategic plan. One of the core strengths and assets of the medical center is being part of Ohio State — the largest and most comprehensive university in the nation. By being part of the university, the medical center is benefiting from an unlimited supply of innovative thought, research breakthroughs and talent resources that most health organizations do not have access to.

To further Ohio State's aspiration, the medical center has developed a multifaceted strategic plan that advances the university's Academic Health Care goal and will continue our history of success. The six goals of the plan include:

Doctors and Nurses


Our goal is to foster an environment to attract and develop a diverse and talented team of people committed to creating a culture of innovation and discovery

We will be a destination for high achievers from around the country who want to collaborate and make a difference. And while we want to continue to recruit the best talent out there, we also want to invest in our current teams. And most of all, we will maintain a high standard of workplace culture of respect, curiosity, collaboration and integrity.

Actions within our talent goal include:

  • Create and sustain a culture that inspires our workforce to live the organizational values
  • Design and implement a high-touch, high-value recruitment process that attracts world-class talent
  • Design and implement an innovative and flexible compensation and benefit model that ensures talent is aligned and engaged around the medical center’s aspiration
  • Develop a robust faculty, staff and leadership development program that inspires medical center talent to realize their full potential

How we will measure success:

  • Faculty and staff engagement score
  • Implement a plan to enhance faculty engagement
  • Turnover rates for faculty and staff
  • Women and underrepresented minorities in leadership positions
Researchers in Lab


Our goal is to pioneer life-altering biomedical discoveries and their translation into breakthrough healthcare solutions

Our research leads to discoveries, which lead to treatments and cures for people in need. We will support this incredible work at every phase, from the first spark of an idea to the delivery of the most leading-edge solutions.

Actions within our research goal include:

  • Become a national leader in biomedical breakthroughs and the translation of research into healthcare solutions
  • Significantly increase extramural funding for health sciences research
  • Attract, recruit, inspire and retain world-class talent through a rigorous, enthusiastic and collaborative culture

How we will measure success:

  • Total research awards and total NIH awards
  • New federally funded faculty

Our plan in action:

  • Find out how our researchers are accelerating innovation by slowing the decline of patients with Alzheimer's disease
Instructor with students


Our goal is to implement an innovative, multidisciplinary education model to educate the most diverse and sought-after health professionals in the world

The world’s top students in undergraduate health professions, residents, fellows and other health professionals want the highest levels of advanced education from strong leaders. Facilities that offer the most cutting-edge innovation will help establish Ohio State as a leader in delivery of interprofesional health education. 

Actions within our education goal include:

  • Advance the education mission of the university, health sciences colleges and the College of Medicine through learner-centered innovation and faculty engagement
  • Implement disruptive innovations that will establish Ohio State as a forward-thinking leader in delivering education to learners

How we will measure success:

  • U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools ranking
  • Percent of top students matched as residents
  • Implement an interprofessional health sciences curriculum
Doctor treating patient


Our goal is to create innovative healthcare delivery models that deliver high-value care with unparalleled patient experience and access

As a leading academic medical center, Ohio State Wexner Medical Center will change how patients receive care. We have a critical role in both meeting the most complex care needs of our community and also keeping our community and individuals healthy. This role can only be filled by an academic medical center such as Ohio State's.

Actions within our healthcare delivery goal include:

  • Provide high-quality, highly accessible and patient-focused care that exceeds expectations
  • Grow tertiary and quaternary care
  • Deliver interprofessional team-based care focused on the health and wellness of individuals and populations
  • Expand the medical center’s local and regional reach through new access points as well as strategic partnerships across the continuum of care

How we will measure success:

  • New patient visits with physicians and advanced practice providers
  • Inpatient admissions
  • Inpatient and emergency department length of stay
  • Days to first appointment for new patients with physicians and advanced practice providers
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Readmissions and mortality
  • U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals

Our plan in action:

Group of people


Our goal is to create healthy communities by addressing Ohio’s most pressing health needs

With partnerships throughout the state and nation, the medical center can leverage its tremendous resources to address Ohio's most pressing health needs.

Actions within our healthy communities goal include:

  • Serve as the provider of choice in all major central Ohio communities
  • Provide an accessible and exceptional patient experience
  • Address the most pressing health needs of our community — access to care, chronic disease, infectious disease, obesity, infant mortality and behavioral health

How we will measure success:

  • Implement focused programs to address community health needs in the areas of chronic disease, opioid addiction and infant mortality
  • Tertiary and quaternary critical care access for patients from regional Ohio communities
  • New patient encounters in affiliated regional locations

Our plan in action:

The Wexner Medical Center


Our goal is to be a responsible steward of all resources

This will require us to be innovative and open to new ideas. Leadership toward sustaining our mission will come from faculty and staff across the medical center as they innovate on how we can build upon our proven track record of operational sustainability.

Actions within our responsible steward goal include:

  • Make a positive financial contribution to the enterprise
  • Operate more efficiently to fund our strategic investments and growth
  • Align fundraising goals with strategic objectives

How we will measure success:

  • Operating expenses per adjusted admission 
  • Medical center integrated net margin
  • Ohio State Health Plan per member per year costs
  • Philanthropy

Our plan in action:


The Wexner Medical Center has always been on the leading edge of discovery and patient care. But we are ready to go further

How will we do it? Where others stop, we keep going. Where others see limitations, we see possibilities. Where others say there is no solution, we work tirelessly until we find one. We break right through obstacles, barriers, conventions, setbacks, distraction, opposition and doubt. When we stay focused and determined and we work together toward common goals, nothing can hold us back. It’s time for Ohio State to break through.

What's our mission at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center? Watch to see how we're driving breakthroughs to improve people's lives in central Ohio, throughout the state, nationally and beyond.


Our long-term vision is to develop space and facilities that strengthen our position as a national flagship public research university.

Our facilities must be able to keep up with our unceasing curiosity and ideas for innovation. But we want to aim higher than just keeping up. We want to create environments that inspire new ways of collaborating, new approaches to hurdles and new ideas to explore and evaluate. 

Four areas of investment in Framework 2.0, guided and informed by the university’s strategic plan, are:

Research Space

Innovative and modern environments that bring together multiple disciplines from throughout the university, including Biomedical, Environmental Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Life Sciences and Engineering.

Education Space

An interprofessional center that creates a collaborative campus for education throughout the health sciences in a setting that further supports modern teaching and learning.

Ambulatory Space

A multispecialty ambulatory center on West Campus that expands our campus ambulatory program as well as ambulatory spaces in suburban and regional areas that bring care to communities where patients live.

Inpatient Beds

New and significantly upgraded inpatient tower to maximize patient satisfaction, support healing environments, provide the care settings for tertiary and quaternary care and increase our operational efficiency.



Time and Change: Enable, Empower and Inspire

Ohio State aspires to be a leading national flagship public research university. The university’s new strategic plan, “Time and Change: Enable, Empower and Inspire,” has five areas of focus. Learn more about Ohio State’s Strategic plan.

Teaching and Learning

Ohio State will be a leading public university for the best undergraduate teaching, which will contribute to measurable improvement in student outcomes.

Access, Affordability and Excellence

Ohio State will be a leading public university in offering an excellent and affordable education and in offering access to a diverse student body, building on our leadership in the American Talent Initiative and University Innovation Alliance.

Research and Creative Expression

Ohio State will be among the top public universities for its national and international standing in research and creative expression, both across the institution and in targeted fields, driving breakthrough advances for important societal challenges.

Academic Health Care

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center will be a leading academic medical center that enables breakthrough healthcare solutions to improve people’s lives.

Operational Excellence and Resource Stewardship

Ohio State will be a leading public university for resource stewardship with known leadership for operational effectiveness, efficiency and innovation.


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