• The Vet Tech Institute at The Bradford School, Associates in Applied Science

Experience and Interests

Katie Hutt is a Surgical Skills Lab Technician at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Surgical Skills Lab. A central Ohio native, Katie began her career shortly after graduating with her associates degree at 20 years old, working as a veterinary technician at a local small animal clinic that specialized in dentistry. With this specialty, Katie got her first experience working in a medical teaching environment, assisting her veterinarian in running hands-on courses ranging from dental x-rays to extensive tooth extractions. After 5 years, Katie decided to advance into research and became a laboratory animal technician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital where she was able to provide animal care and enrichment and aid in various research studies. She became Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician certified in 2016 and in 2018, she was published in the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science’s national magazine for using enrichment to prevent fighting and wounds in male mice being housed together. After 8 years of hands-on animal care, Katie expanded her career focusing more on the laboratory side of veterinary medicine where she joined Idexx laboratories’ parasitology department. There she was able to gain the knowledge and experience not only of standard laboratory operations and procedures, but also the ability to find and identify a various range of intestinal parasites. After almost 12 years progressing her work in the veterinary field, Katie wanted to broaden her career further, looking for something that complemented her prior work experiences, but different than anything she’d done before. Katie is exceptionally humbled and excited to join the Surgical Skills Lab, become a valued team member, and help the facility continue to grow.