Optimize the recovery of current injuries and reduce the risk of future injuries with Ohio State’s Sports Medicine experts.

Throwing a baseball or softball is one of the most strenuous activities on the shoulder and elbow that an athlete performs. Whether pitching or fielding the ball, many baseball and softball players develop arm soreness or injury during their season that causes decreased performance or loss of playing time. Most of these injuries are simple overuse injuries that can be attributed to muscular fatigue, muscular imbalances or throwing mechanics. We can help.

Our multidisciplinary specialists have extensive experience with throwing athletes from recreational to the major leagues:
  • Fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians
  • Board certified, residency-trained physical therapists
  • Licensed athletic trainers
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialists

Our Throwing Analysis

Throwing Graphic

We’ll explore all of the factors behind the motion of your arm with:

  • A throwing/pitching and injury history
  • A physical examination including strength, flexibility, coordination/balance, posture and throwing-specific movements
  • Shoulder, scapular, elbow, spine and lower extremity assessment and alignment
  • Slow-motion video analysis of your biomechanical patterns and angles
  • Treatment plan and specialized exercises based on results of the physical examination and video analysis

Cost is only $150 for 1-1/2 hour session; it may be billed to your insurance with a physician referral.


Our Upper Extremity Athlete Team