The Ohio State University Department of Urology has long been home to outstanding faculty and students. In recognition of such exemplary individuals, the following awards are given annually to one faculty member and one medical student respectively.

The Jack N. Taylor, MD, Award

Jack N. Taylor, MD, received his BA from The Ohio State University in 1940. He received his MD from Harvard in 1943. Dr. Taylor was an assistant professor at Ohio State from 1951 to 1960 and became an associate professor at Ohio State in 1960. He passed away in 1987. When people speak of him, the words "loyalty" and "dedication" are mentioned, but, more frequently, his sense of humor and his laugh are fondly remembered. The Jack N. Taylor, MD, Urology Fund was established Oct. 7, 1988, with gifts from his family, friends, colleagues and patients, and it was named the Jack N. Taylor, MD, Award.


In 2010, the department received approval for the creation of a distinguished teaching award. The residents were asked to vote for the faculty member that they felt provided outstanding teaching. 

Teaching Award Recipients

2010 - Dr. Jason P. Gilleran
2011 - Dr. Chris McClung
2012 - Dr. Gregory Lowe
2013 - Dr. Kamal Pohar
2014 - Dr. David Sharp
2015 - Dr. Ahmad Shabsigh
2016 - Dr. Geoffrey N. Box
2017- Dr. Kamal Pohar
2018 - Dr. Frank Begun

William Neely Taylor, MD, Medical Student Award

The history of urology at The Ohio State University began when Dr. William N. Taylor was appointed assistant professor in urology in the Department of Surgery in 1917. Dr. Taylor served 41 years as the first chief and was awarded professor emeritus in recognition of his service.

Award Recipients

2012 - Daniel Box
2013 - Kevin Heinsimer
2014 - Josh Ebel
2015 - Daniel Szabo
2016 - Courtney Yong
2017 - Fabrice Henry
2018 – Tyler Sheetz



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