Housestaff Stipend FY16:
  • PGY1 $51,000
  • PGY2 $52,536
  • PGY3 $54,216
  • PGY4 $56,075
  • PGY5 $57,882
Urology Resident Benefits 2016-2017

Urology Resident Benefits 2016-2017


Limited Staff agreement requires that the program provide a minimum of two weeks vacation per year. The Urology program provides three vacation weeks per year. (It’s mandatory that an “Application for Leave” form be completed and approved by your program director prior to your leave.)
  1. Taken in week blocks. As an exception to this, one week may be reserved to break up for fellowship and job interviews. A one month notice for requests/changes to leave is required.
  2. Approved by program director.
  3. Coverage of service required. No more than one resident out at a time, unless specified by the program director.
  4. No vacations while on NCH rotation
  5. No vacations in June and July. Terminal vacation is permitted for graduating chiefs if coverage of service allows and must be used as one of the three permitted weeks.
  6. Job interviews and trips to handle credentialing/living arrangements at your future employment are vacation. Failure to plan accordingly will not be given an exception to the policy.
  7. Meeting attendance is taken as vacation, unless approved by department chair as university business.
  8. Deadline for vacation requests is July 31.
  9. One week of vacation includes one weekend of time on either end of the week, but not both. If you wish to take both weekends off, you will have to use two additional days of your vacation time.
  10. Chief residents cannot take parallel vacation time.
  11. Any weeks taken off during holidays must be taken as vacation time, unless approved by the program director. If your vacation week falls on a university holiday, you do not get to make that day up somewhere else.
  12. The American Board of Urology has defined the leave policy for Urology training programs as follows: “Each program may provide sick leave and vacation leave for the resident in accordance with institutional policy. However, a resident must work 46 weeks each year of residency; that is, one year of credit must include at least 46 weeks of full-time urologic education. Vacation or leave time may not be accumulated to reduce the total training requirement. If a circumstance occurs in which a resident does not work the required 46 weeks, the. program director must submit a plan to the ABU for approval on how the training will be made up, which may require an extension of the residency.

Sick Leave

Sick leave will follow university policy and procedure and must be entered into eLeave system at

We understand that work/life balance can be challenging. We ask that you also consider our challenges in providing patient care. We kindly request that you work with us in scheduling any medical appointments/procedures to find an optimum time where your absence will not affect patient care.

Any medical appointment requiring more than four hours of leave requires a note from your doctor's office.

Meeting Allowances

Department pays meeting allowance for first author to present paper at approved national meeting, all abstracts must have department chair approval prior to submission. If you plan to submit an abstract to present, an abstract approval form must be completed and approved prior to submitting. Once your abstract is accepted, the next step is obtaining leave approval from the program director. Leave approval forms must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to first date of leave. There is a possibility that not all residents with approved abstracts will be approved for leave. Reimbursements for these meetings will be paid only if receipts are turned in and manuscript has been submitted within 60 days of returning from the meeting.

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