Our patients are just like you - leading everyday lives until something happens that changes it all. They each have different stories but they all have a common theme: The care they received from The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center made all the difference.

Cutting edge research, advanced treatments and superb care teams - all of which are made possible by donors like you. 

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Some of our patients and their stories

A Young Mother Never Expected This - Lisa

Lisa was like any young mom – enjoying life with her two little ones and husband. She never expected to have to deal with a heart issue. And especially at her age. 

After the great care she received at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, Lisa and her husband went away for a weekend to celebrate her health and to take a moment to appreciate all they had in life. 

The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center gave her peace of mind and a better quality of life, with more opportunities to pause, enjoy the sunsets and help her children grow up.

He Didn’t Let a Disease End His Dreams - Blake

Blake was a senior in high school, a prominent scholar and athlete and was being recruited to row for some well-respected colleges. Then it all changed. After contracting a rare disease and having his legs amputated, he didn't know what the future held for him.

Because of Ohio State, Blake recovered and began charting a bold, new future. He’s now a law student and competed for his country in the 2016 Paraympic Games.  

One Day Doing Something She Loved Changed Everything - Regan

Regan’s love of horses began in childhood. But a riding accident left her in a very fragile state. She wondered if she wondered if she would ever walk again - or ride her beloved friends. 

Through a unique rehabilitation program, an entire team at Ohio State helped Regan get back to what she loved. And back with those that make her feel alive. 

Pelotonia Rider

He Continues to Fight by Riding – Dave

A simple skin irritation was anything but simple after Dave when to an oncologist in 2002. He learned the skin irritation was cancer and there is no cure for CTCL-MF, a rare form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. But he followed a treatment and lived a normal life until 2009 when cancer struck again.

This time Dave was diagnosed with large B-Cell Lymphoma, a treatable disease. After eight months of chemo, he was cured of this particular cancer because of the experts at The Ohio State University Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

Dave knew the only way to find a cure for his original diagnosis was to help support research. So he rides. For six years, he has ridden in Pelotonia in hopes a cure will be found in his lifetime. He rides to fight for a cancer-free world.  

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