Gastric banding is an adjustable and reversible form of bariatric surgery.

This surgical procedure places an adjustable band around the upper stomach. Once in place, the band is inflated with saline through a small port, creating a small stomach pouch that limits food consumption and creates a feeling of fullness. The band must be continually adjusted over time to produce successful results.

Surgery and Recovery

  • Surgery takes less than an hour
  • Outpatient surgery or 23-hour, in-hospital observation period
  • Seven- to 10-day recovery period


  • Reversible
  • Fifty percent of expected weight loss typically is lost within three years after surgery
  • No “dumping” syndrome (where large amounts of sugar would cause diarrhea and sweating)
  • Band is tailored to meet patient’s specific needs
  • Surgery is performed with minimally invasive techniques, offering smaller incisions and faster recovery


  • Infection at port where band adjustments are made
  • Band may slip out of place
  • Band may wear at stomach tissue

Other Considerations

  • Slower weight loss, needs adjustments
  • Vitamins recommended
  • Cannot take steroids afterward
  • Able to eat regular food two weeks after surgery
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