The LEARN program is led by a registered dietitian.

This 12-week program meets once a week for an hour-long session in a casual group setting. We will talk about strategies to make positive lifestyle change a lasting reality for you. Through LEARN, people explore their unique habits, gain skills to overcome ​weight loss barriers and get tools for changing diet and lifestyle. The small group setting provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. 

The program follows the book, The Learn Program for Weight Management, by Kelly D. Brownell, PhD. Based on years of research by behavioral scientists, LEARN is one of the most widely used weight loss manuals.

LEARN focuses on:

  • Listening to natural hunger cues
  • Coping with lapses and preventing relapse
  • Creative ways to stay motivated
  • Dealing with pressures to eat
  • Guidelines for setting reasonable weight loss goals
  • Helpful tips for eating away from home
  • How attitude can affect weight loss

Cost: The cost of the class is $250 and includes the LEARN book and all 12 weeks of classes. If paid in full before the first class date, participants will receive a 10% discount.

An additional discount of $25 per person is given if two people register together. Bring your spouse, your neighbor, a co-worker or a friend to qualify for this discount.

Ohio State University Health Plan members are reimbursed for 50% of the program cost.

Check with your insurance to see if your plan allows reimbursement for this health-promotion program.

LEARN schedule/locations

For current class information, call Liz Weinandy, MPH, RD, LD, at 614-293-7024 or Lori Chong, RD, at 614-293-2712.

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