The Center for Integrative Health and Wellness heals the whole person.

Red circle inside gray circle containing images of heart, apple, person, tennis racket and houseWe offer the best of both conventional and complementary medicine to promote optimal health, prevent and treat disease and meet each patient’s unique physical, emotional and spiritual health goals.

A key feature is our Integrative Medicine Clinic, which provides a rich scope of services and educational opportunities rarely found in traditional medical centers. Our nationally recognized practitioners include nurses, physicians, massage therapists and chiropractors with expertise in pediatrics, nutrition therapy, Chinese medicine and many other fields. With public interest in complementary health care continuing to grow, we offer acupuncture, mind-body medicine, music therapy and many other nontraditional therapies.

We also provide convenient access to the world-renowned scientists and clinicians at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.


Integrative health and wellness services

Research shows that integrative medical care improves mood, promotes relaxation, optimizes overall health and reduces pain, fatigue, insomnia and the risk of chronic conditions. At the Ohio State University Integrative Medicine Clinic, our specially trained physicians and practitioners blend complementary and conventional treatments and therapies to heal the mind, body and spirit. Clinical services include:


Acupuncture is a 3,000-year-old Chinese stimulation technique that relieves a variety of medical conditions.

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Ayurveda (“the science of life”) is a natural, prevention-oriented medical system that started in the ancient Vedic times of India.

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care focuses on the relationship between the body’s structure—mainly spine—and how it functions.

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Guided Imagery

Guided imagery can help patients relax, improve sleep, prepare for surgery, experience greater clarity, compassion and gratitude and feel more calm, confident and comfortable.

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Heart-Centered Practices

Heart-centered practices can help you become more compassionate, forgiving, grateful and loving.

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Mind-Body Therapies/Stress Management

Mind-body practices use the mind to affect physical functioning and promote health.

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Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices can reduce anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia and stress.

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Music Therapy

Music therapy is an established health profession that uses music to address a person’s physical, emotional, cognitive or social needs.

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Nutrition and Dietary Services

Registered dietitians are food experts who can translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living.

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Relaxation Response

The benefits of Relaxation Response include decreased oxygen consumption, lower blood pressure and reduced chronic pain and addictive cravings.

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Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy relieves pain and stress, reduces anxiety and depression and promotes relaxation and well-being.

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Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program

Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center is collaborating with Yoga on High to offer Urban Zen Integrative Therapy.

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A mind and body practice with origins in ancient Indian philosophy, yoga can relieve stress, reduce pain and boost mood, calmness and confidence.

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The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center offers many education opportunities through its Center for Integrative Health and Wellness. Education is the key to continually improving high quality, evidence-based integrative care. The Center for Integrative Health and Wellness provides a rich variety of educational opportunities in integrative health and wellness for all levels.

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Research provides the foundation for advancing evidence-based integrative health care. The Ohio State University is among the nation’s leaders of integrative health and wellness research.

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Ohio State’s Center for Integrative Health and Wellness offers a wide variety of classes that enhance your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social well-being. Classes include tai chi, meditation and beginner and more advanced yoga.

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Our Leaders


Kathi Kemper, MD, MPH

Director of Center for Integrative Health and Wellness, Professor of Pediatrics, Adjunct Professor of College of Nursing

Before coming to Ohio State in 2012, I served on the faculties of Yale, Harvard and Wake Forest, where I held the Caryl J Guth Chair, founded the Center for Integrative Medicine and had professorships in several departments. Along with authoring numerous publications and three books, I served as the principal investigator for NIH and other grants. I helped establish several interest groups and task forces on complimentary therapies and am frequently consulted as an expert.


Mary Fristad, PhD

I have developed a therapy program called Psychoeducational Psychotherapy for families and children with mood disorders. In addition to working on several research projects and grants as well as education and support groups, I have authored several books and articles on childhood mood disorders. I received my MA and PhD from University of Kansas and am board-certified in both clinical psychology and clinical child and adolescent psychology.


Ruslana Kurpita, MD, DABHM

Specialties: Integrative Medicine, Women’s Health

My practice incorporates traditional medicine, preventive care, nutrition, supplements, vitamins and herbal medicine. I joined the OSU Center for Integrative Medicine after completing my residency in Family Medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in 2008. In addition, I studied at the China Medical University of Taiwan in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where I focused on herbal medicine.


John Ridgway, MBA, RDN

I spent several years as a dietitian, working directly with patients before switching to a management role. For more than a decade, I have managed clinical operations in multiple healthcare settings. I also teach courses in healthcare management through Ohio State's School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.


Diane L. Habash, PhD, MS, RD, LD

Associate Director of Education, Center for Integrative Health and Wellness; Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Health Science and Medical Dietetics

I have been teaching and learning about nutrition and integrative therapies for 36 years. One of my favorite areas to explore with students is how a patient’s story can impact their health and healing. I believe a person’s story is vital for the clinician and patient in the path to achieve ultimate health and healing. I apply this process, called "narrative practice," in my nutrition consults. At the Center for Integrative Health and Wellness, I support the development and implementation of our many educational services, activities and trainings for healthcare professionals interested in integrative health and wellness.

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