The IBMR team comprises 18 faculty researchers, making this interdisciplinary group perhaps the largest contingent of psychoneuroimmunology researchers in the world.

Our researchers have appointments in basic and clinical science departments and centers, including:

  • The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
  • College of Medicine
  • Center for Microbial Pathogenesis
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Public Health Division of Biostatistics
  • Department of Human Sciences
  • Department of Microbial Infection and Immunity
  • Department of Neuroscience
  • Department of Neurological Surgery
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Department of Pediatrics
  • Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
  • Department of Psychology

Our Leaders


Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD

Director, Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research

Janice Kiecolt-Glaser is the director The Ohio State Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research and holds the S. Robert Davis Chair of Medicine in The Ohio State University College of Medicine and the title of Distinguished University Professor. She works in the field of psychoneuroimmunology and is the principle investigator in the Stress and Health Research Program. Her current research interests include the interaction between stress and health, longer-term mental and physical health of cancer survivors, and the mind-body interventions to modulate endocrine and immune responses in cancer survivors. 

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William Malarkey, MD

Associate Director

William Malarkey is the associate director of the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research and director of The Ohio State Clinical Research Center. He is faculty emeritus-retiree in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Department of Internal Medicine. He specializes in pituitary disorders and his research interests include stress and health outcomes. He has published over 190 articles, as well as several reference articles and book chapters, and is a Landacre Society Awardee.

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John Sheridan, PhD

Associate Director

John Sheridan is the associate director of the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research and holds the George C. Paffenbarger Alumni Endowed Chair in Research. He is a professor of Oral Biology and of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics at Ohio State. He received his bachelor’s degree from Fordham University, and his master’s and doctorate from Rutgers University. He has authored over 140 articles, is a former AAAS Fellow and serves on the editorial staff of Brain, Behavior and Immunity. His research interests include psychoneuroimmunology, neuroendocrine regulation of inflammation, neuroimmunology, stress biology, and immunity to viral and bacterial challenges.

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Jonathan Godbout, PhD

Assistant Director for Basic Science, Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research; Associate Professor, Neuroscience

Jonathan Godbout is an associate professor of Neuroscience at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. He is the Assistant Director for Basic Science of the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research and faculty member of the Center for Brain and Spinal Cord Repair. His background is in neuroscience, immunology and biochemistry, with specific training and expertise in microglia, inflammatory cytokines and behavior. Dr. Godbout's research has been concentrated in the areas of aging, neuroimmunology and neurotrauma.

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Our Researchers

Our leaders


Barbara Anderson, PhD

Professor of Psychology, Health Behavioral and Health Promotion, and Obstetrics and Gynecology


Maria Ariza, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Molecular Virology, Immunology, & Medical Genetics


Michael Bailey, PhD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Microbial Infection/Immunity; Adjunct Associate Professor of Biosciences


Lisa Christian, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Courtesy Joint Faculty Appointment of College of Nursing, Psychology and Obstetrics & Gynecology


Courtney DeVries, PhD

Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology; Adjunt Professor for the College of Nursing


Charles Emery, PhD

Professor of Psychology and Internal Medicine


Tamar Gur, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Stanley Lemeshow, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics


Randy J. Nelson, PhD

Chair of Department of Neuroscience, Brumbaugh Chair in Brain Research and Teaching, Professor of Neuroscience


Phillip Popovich, PhD

Director of the Center for Brain and Spinal Cord Repair, Professor of Neuroscience


Leah Pyter, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry


Ning Quan, PhD

Professor of Biosciences


Baldwin Way, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Caroline Whitacre, PhD

Vice President for Research, Professor of Microbial Infection and Immunity


Marshall Williams, PhD

Professor of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics, and Microbiology


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