Ohio State’s Weight Management Program can help you improve your life through successful weight loss and weight management.

For more than 20 years, Ohio State’s Weight Management Program results have consistently ranked above the National Institutes of Health expected weight loss average.

Our success is based on offering a complete wellness and total health approach to weight management. We provide you with education on all aspects of attaining a healthier lifestyle – nutrition, behavior change and exercise. Weight loss and a healthier lifestyle will not only help you feel better, but can help prevent chronic health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, and prevent complications associated with chronic health conditions.

Join us for a free information session!

  • Get an overview of the Living Well, Healthy Living and Step It Up weight management programs
  • Learn more about our Fitness Center
  • Find out about meal plans and cost options
  • Receive an orientation packet for the weight management program
  • Ask questions

Sessions are offered every Monday from 6-6:45 p.m. at Ohio State's Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza, in the Center for Wellness and Prevention, 2050 Kenny Road, Columbus. No registration is required. Parking is free.

Nonsurgical Weight Management Options

Nonsurgical Weight Management Options

Healthy Living

This is a three-month structured program focused on a personalized plan to develop better nutrition habits and create a healthier lifestyle.

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Living Well

This is a personalized six-month program of weekly classes on nutrition, behavior change and exercise. An additional six-month option is available. 

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Step It Up!

This is a 12-month program helping individuals form daily health habits to maintain, restart or expand on their previous health success. 

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This is a 12-week program, led by a registered dietitian, focused on nutrition education and behavior modification.

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Fitness Center

Ohio State’s Center for Wellness and Prevention, located at the Morehouse Medical Plaza, has a fitness center to support your weight loss and weight management journey. 

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Warm-Water Pool

Our warm-water pool programs support your weight loss, weight management and health goals in a low-impact environment. 

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Our Success Stories

Rhodes Hall of Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center

Beth is enjoying her weight-loss success

Having always been "chubby," weight-loss was something I strived for and failed at daily. Since I've joined the program I have lost over 35 pounds and continue to see progress. The staff at the Healthy Living program have helped open my mind and remove triggers that have always kept me from being successful. They recognize that weight loss success looks different for everyone and have been flexible in giving me what I needed to finally start achieving a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Women support each other’s weight loss goals

'The Sisterhood'

Tamaris, Erin, Tricia and Bridget met during the Living Well class and formed a lasting friendhip. “We’ve been friends ever since and each other’s biggest supporters,” says Bridget. The quartet keeps in touch via social media and in person, helping each other and holding themselves accountable for their newly earned health.

“I know we’ll all be able to keep the weight off and continue the journey of life in our healthy bodies because of the great support and guidance we’ve received from OSU and from the friendship the four of us have created,” says Erin. “It’s become a sisterhood that none of us expected, but we are lucky to have found.”

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