Professor of Family Medicine

timothy-huerta-md-phd-updateAssociate Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Associate Professor College of Public Health
Associate Professor of Health Services Management and Policy (courtesy appointment)

Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research
460 Medical Center Drive
Suite 532
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone: 614-293-8973


Dr. Huerta is a Professor of family medicine in Ohio State's College of Medicine and brings both breadth and depth of experience in quantitative methods, health services research and multidisciplinary collaboration. Dr. Huerta is a well-published, nationally recognized expert on the use of survey data to advance discovery and has been published in a diverse set of journals. Dr. Huerta also has a long history of engaging clinical practitioners in translating the value of research to practice, and he has been recognized nationally for his work in both mentorship and teaching.

Prior to joining the faculty at Ohio State, Dr. Huerta was the director of the Center for Healthcare Innovation, Education and Research at Texas Tech University, where he developed the infrastructure currently in use throughout the province of British Columbia for the online delivery of continuing medical education in the area of community oncology. Finally, Dr. Huerta has a long history outside of academia developing tools and technologies that support both research and practice.

Research, Education and Clinical Interests

Dr. Huerta is a nationally recognized expert on issues related to hospital productivity and process with extensive expertise in the area of outcomes as it relates to electronic health records (EHRs), health information technology (HIT) and meaningful use. In particular, his interest in non-parametric approaches to the assessment of outcomes vis-à-vis frontier methodologies has been useful in gaining a greater understanding of how the explosion of investment in HIT has impacted both research and practice. He has conducted a number of studies looking specifically at adoption of EHR technology and the differences that exist based by medical focus. 

Recently, Dr. Huerta has taken his knowledge and experience with large dataset analysis to address impactful areas of research. In this context, he has also worked to engage junior researchers to help them develop their research agendas and this has diversified the focus of his work beyond efficiency, including some of the first work on the use of social media by hospitals through the development of objective metrics and automated assessment and evaluation tools. Dr. Huerta has spent a great deal of time focused on the experience that people have when seeking service – including in the domain of social media. He co-developed automated tools to create objective assessment of the usability experience of individuals seeking information online. Further, he has worked with that data across a number of domains, including patient satisfaction, patient safety and facility efficiency.

Education and Training
  • PhD: Public administration, University of Southern California
    Area concentrations: public management, organization theory and behavior
  • MS: Public administration, California State University, Los Angeles 
    Research emphasis: Public policy and organization theory
  • BA: Chemistry, California State University, Los Angeles
    Research emphasis: biochemistry and biophysics
  • Faculty fellow: Public health cyber infrastructure, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
    National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
  • Post-doctoral research fellow: University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine 
    School of Population and Public Health, Department of Health Care and Epidemiology

Editorial Activities

Editorial boards

  • Associate editor, Education in the Health Professions
  • Associate editor, Journal of Healthcare Management
National Positions

National organizations
  • Academy of Management, chair, membership committee, Healthcare Management Division 
  • North American Primary Care Research Group
  • Family Practice Oncology Network 
  • American Medical Informatics Association 
  • National Council on Administrative Fellowship’s Benchmarks and Metrics subcommittee 
  • American College of Healthcare Executives 
  • Academy Health 
  • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society 
  • American Society of Quality 
  • National Association of Parliamentarians 
Review panels
  • Standing reviewer, Agency for Health Research and Quality 
  • Myron Fottler Outstanding Service Award, Academy of Management, Health Care Management Division, 2015
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Academy of Management, Health Care Management Division, 2014

Current Research Projects

01/2018–06/2019. Ohio Department of Medicaid
The Ohio Equity Institute Evaluation (OEI)
Huerta TR, Tumin, R (Co-PIs)
Competitive Grant: $1,118,892

11/2017-06/2018. Ohio Department of Medicaid 
Infant Mortality Research Partnership, Phase 2 
Gabbe (PI), Co-Is: Huerta TR, Hebert C, Lemeshow S
Competitive Grant: $206,433

04/2017-03/2021. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (R-01) 
Searching for Management Approaches to Reduce HAI Transmission (SMART) 
McAlearney AS (PI), Co-Is: Huerta TR, Sieck C, Hefner J, Hebert C  
Competitive Grant: $1,887,609.

03/2017-02/2018. Crisafi-Monte Endowment Fund 
Trending Research, Extension and National Dissemination Study (TRENDS): Accelerating the Value of HINTS as an Asset for Discovery 
Huerta TR (PI), Co-Is: McAlearney AS, Sieck CJ, Hefner, J
Competitive Endowment Grant: $50,000.

07/2016-06/2018.  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (R-01)
Development and Evaluation of Socio-Technical Metrics to Inform HIT Adaptation 
Yen PY (PI), Co-Is: McAlearney AS, Huerta TR, Sieck C, Hefner J  
Competitive Grant: $300,000.

09/2015-08/2019.  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (R-01)
High Touch and High Tech (HT2): Transforming Patient Engagement Throughout the Continuum of Care by Engaging Patients with Portal Technology at the Bedside 
McAlearney AS (PI), Co-Is: Huerta TR, Sieck C, Moffatt-Bruce S, Hefner J, Johansen M, Wallace L, Rizer MK 
Competitive Grant: $973,109.

09/2015-08/2019. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (P-30) 
Patient Safety Learning Laboratories: Information for the Design of Environments Aligned for Patient Safety (IDEA4PS)
Moffatt-Bruce SD (PI) Project Directors: McAlearney AS, Co-PD: Huerta, TR
Competitive Grant: $3,963,276.

Select Publications

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