Our current residents and fellows

In the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we share a common goal – to provide a setting conducive to learning. Our academic, research-oriented institution has a long tradition of training leaders in surgery.

Our Plastic Surgery Residents

Integrated Residents

Integrated Residents

Integrated Residents

Joseph Meyerson, MD PGY 6

MeyersonUndergraduate: Washington State University
Medical school: The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Michael Larsen, MD, MPH PGY 6

LarsenUndergraduate: Brigham Young University
Medical school: The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Darrell Freeman, MD PGY 5

FreemanUndergraduate: University of Kentucky
Medical school: University of Louisville School of Medicine

Terri Zomerlei, MD PGY 5

ZomerleiUndergraduate: Calvin College
Medical school: Michigan State University

Jenny Barker, MD, PhD PGY 4

BarkerUndergraduate: MIT
Medical school: UT Southwestern

Juan Rendon, MD, PhD PGY 4

RendonUndergraduate: Georgetown
Medical school: Loyola University

Diana Carrau, MD PGY 3

CarrauUndergraduate: Columbia University
Medical school: The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Jason Hehr, MD PGY 3

HehrUndergraduate: Duquesne University
Medical school: Wright State University

Casey Kraft, MD PGY 2

KraftUndergraduate: Notre Dame
Medical school: University of Michigan

Ryan Jefferson, MD PGY 2

JeffersonUndergraduate: The Ohio State University
Medical school: University of Toledo

Andrew O'Brien, MD, MPH PGY 1

OBrienUndergraduate: University of Michigan
Medical school: Michigan State University

Anna Schoenbrunner, MD, MAS PGY 1

SchoenbrunnerUndergraduate: UCLA
Medical school: UC San Diego

Independent Residents

Independent Residents

Independent Residents

Byers Bowen, MD, MS PGY 3

BowenUndergraduate: Davidson College
Medical school: University of South Florida
General surgery residency: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Shahryar Tork, MD PGY 2

TorkUndergraduate: University of Cincinnati
Medical school: St. George's University
General surgery residency: Good Samaritan Hospital

Manuel Medina, MD PGY 1

MedinaUndergraduate: Penn State
Medical school: University of Puerto Rico
General surgery residency: Cornell
Microsurgery Fellows

Microsurgery Fellows

Steven Schulz, MD

SchulzUndergraduate: University of Akron
Medical school: Northeast Ohio Medical University
General surgery residency: Northeast Ohio Medical University
Plastic surgery residency: University of Louisville

Sumanas Jordan, MD, PhD

JordanUndergraduate: University of Pittsburgh
Medical school: Emory University 
Plastic surgery residency: Northwestern University