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Department of Neuroscience

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Rightmire Hall Room 060
Phone: 614-292-1205 
Lab: 614-292-1367
Fax: 614-292-5379

Research Lab: Brown Lab

Research Area: Axonal transport, the cytoskeleton of nerve cells

Current Research:
Dr. Brown and his lab are cell biologists in the Department of Neuroscience. They study the cytoskeleton of nerve cells and the mechanism of axonal transport. Their main focus is the biology neurofilaments in health and disease. The lab uses a broad range of cellular and molecular techniques to study the transport and assembly dynamics of neurofilaments in nerve cells. Their core expertise is in light microscopy, protein biochemistry and nerve cell culture.

Education and Training:
PhD: King’s College, University of London
Postdoctoral Training: Case Western Reserve University and Temple University


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