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BognerJenniferDivision Director of Rehabilitation Psychology
Bert C. Wiley Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Vice-Chair of Research and Academic Affairs

College of Medicine
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Columbus, OH 43210-1245
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Research Interests: Dr. Bogner has worked within the field of traumatic brain injury rehabilitation for more than 25 years. Her research has focused on behavioral and emotional regulation, substance misuse, community participation and the long-term effects of traumatic brain injury. She has investigated the factors that determine optimal patient outcomes following rehabilitation. She also is co-developer of The Ohio State University Traumatic Brain Injury Identification Method, a standardized interview used to screen for a history of TBI.

My Research Lab: Ohio Valley Center

Current Research: Dr. Bogner is comparing the effectiveness of TBI rehabilitation interventions using propensity score methods. She also is conducting a randomized controlled trial investigating an intervention for increasing wellness behaviors and decreasing substance misuse following TBI. As co-principal investigator of the Ohio Regional TBI Model System, Dr. Bogner continues to conduct long-term follow-up studies of patients with traumatic brain injury to determine the factors that influence optimal outcomes.

Research Techniques: Randomized controlled trials, propensity score analysis, longitudinal study designs

Active Funding:
Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)
“Comparative Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Interventions for Traumatic Brain Injury”: This project will study therapies provided during acute rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury to determine what activities, with what pragmatic characteristics, are associated with better outcomes.

“Ohio Regional Traumatic Brain Injury Model System”: This is a longitudinal study of long-term outcomes following traumatic brain injury that began in 1997.

National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research

PubMed articles

PhD, Psychology - The Ohio State University, 1989
MA, Psychology - The Ohio State University, 1986
BA, Psychology - University of Maryland, 1983

Fellowship: The Ohio State University


Honors/News: Dr. Bogner is chair-elect of the Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.

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