Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality, most cost-effective clinical engineering and technology management services. 

Ohio Biomedical Services' technical knowledge will ensure optimal utilization of your clinical assets. Through our diligent testing and maintenance processes, you can be confident that your equipment’s lifecycle will be ready to support you in the care and safety of your patients. 

When you work with Ohio Biomedical Services, we promise to: 

  • Provide you with exceptional biomedical services, robust reporting and service excellence
  • Provide accessibility to meet your urgent needs
  • Maintain your equipment’s lifecycle to ensure you are at or above regulatory compliance
  • Keep abreast of the latest biomedical engineering techniques to deliver you the highest quality treatments at the lowest cost
  • Be an extension of your internal team through open communications and patient sensitivity

Most of all, we believe in the values of technical, clinical and personal integrity.

About Us

OBS technicians have more than 10 years of hospital and military biomed experience with degrees in Electrical Engineering, with Biomedical Majors. We are dedicated to providing you with unwavering service excellence and are highly knowledgeable of all equipment regulatory standards to ensure your equipment remains in compliance. 

Our core services include: 

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Biomedical equipment repair
  • Compliance reporting
  • Consulting services which includes equipment purchasing; contract consolidation and assistance; service consultation outside OBS expertise; regulatory compliance best practices; and in-services

    OBS serves hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physician group practices and federally qualified health centers throughout the State of Ohio. 

    OBS is a subsidiary of Ohio State Health Network, a membership organization of community hospitals dedicated to support its members’ goals to remain strong, independent health care organizations by delivering value through cost savings, shared learning, and quality services.

    Preventive Maintenance

    OBS’s meticulous maintenance procedures are based on precise manufacturer’s model specifications. 

    Our preventive maintenance process utilizes “Expected Value Testing” which identifies exact tolerance levels and electrical safety output. Expected value testing is far superior over pass/fail acceptance testing used by most biomedical services companies. After the work is completed, OBS’s compliance reporting system records your equipment’s actual performance and output values to meet regulatory compliance. 

    OBS’s robust database houses your maintenance history on a secure web-based wireless – paperless system with logs by unique control number, department location and device. Any of these reports are readily available to you upon request by e-mail.

    Clinical Equipment Repair

    OBS gives you 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year reliable accessibility and service excellence. Our Rapid Response On-Call Service System ensures immediate attention to meet your urgent needs in case of an equipment emergency. All of our repairs adhere to specific manufacturer’s recommendations. Parts specification and purchasing services are included within our clinical equipment repair services. 

    OBS specializes in the repair and preventive maintenance of: 

    • Anesthesia equipment
    • Ventilators
    • Monitoring equipment
    • Radiology equipment
    • Defibrillators
    • Electrosurgical Units
    • And most other hospital equipment

    We repair most major manufacturing medical equipment models including:

    • Phillips
    • Siemens Medical
    • Physio Control
    • Drager
    • Zoll
    • Datascope
    • Olympus
    • Spacelabs Medical
    • Welch Allen
    • General Electric
    • And many more

    Compliance Reporting

    Perhaps the singular feature that makes OBS superior to the competition is our comprehensive compliance reporting infrastructure. Your inventory, preventive maintenance activity and corrective maintenance measures are housed in a secure, robust database in a wide variety of reports including: 

    • Inventory Department Review
    • Inventory by Department/ Control Number
    • Inventory Additions or Deletions
    • Life Support Equipment
    • Equipment with Batteries
    • Month End Summary
    • Multiple Service Calls
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Completion Summary
    • Preventive Maintenance Could Not Locate
    • Maintenance Activity by Device
    • Maintenance Activity by Department
    • Maintenance Activity by Vendor
    • Preventive Maintenance Work Orders
    • Corrective Maintenance Work Orders

    Our month end reports include a complete risk assessment of all devices including completion percentages, work details, repair triggers, current inventory status, device alerts and Environment of Care (EOC) information. 

    OBS repair procedures are based on specific manufacturer’s recommendations. Most of all, you can feel confident that all of your asset report records are in complete compliance with JCAHO, OSHA, CMS, ASHE, AOA, AABB, CAP, AAAHC, DNV and other regulatory agencies. 

    Upon request, any and all work orders, preventive maintenance reports or corrective maintenance activities can be e-mailed to you from our secure compliance reporting database.

    Consulting Services

    OBS will reduce your equipment repair and replacement costs, reduce equipment down time and ensure you comply with regulatory guidelines. Most of all, you can be confident having professionally inspected/calibrated patient-ready equipment. 

    When you contract with OBS, we provide much more than preventive maintenance, equipment repair and compliance reporting services. We become true partners in technology management by providing a variety of consulting services including: 

    • Equipment purchasing consultation – based on your facility’s needs, equipment history, annual budget and end user compatibility 
    • Contract consulting and consolidation – reducing costs and vendor management by consolidating contracts and/or modifying contract arrangements 
    • Regulatory compliance best practices – gained by years of experience helping health care organizations prepare to meet compliance standards 
    • Vendor Service Referrals – if by chance there is an equipment challenge OBS can’t handle, we have a network of vendor services available to you so you can be confident that all your equipment needs will be covered 
    • In-services – initial or continuing education in-services for patient care equipment 

    Contact Us


    Ohio Biomedical Services
    660 Ackerman Road, Rm. 601F
    PO Box 183110
    Columbus, Ohio 43218-3110 

    Direct Line

    Jason Rogers
    Regional Service Manager

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