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I completed my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at The Ohio State University and then started graduate work in biomedical engineering. I liked working with people and the medical field so much, I decided to switch career paths and go into medicine. The following year I attended Medical College of Ohio for medical school. I did my residency at Flower Hospital in Sylvania, Ohio in family medicine and followed that with sports medicine fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. When I was done with my fellowship I was lukcy to be able to return to The Ohio State university to start my career in Sports Medicine.

I have been with Ohio State since the beginning of my career and love the University and people associated with it. While here I have had the privilege of working with all types of athletes from the weekend warriors to the Division 1 varsity athletes at the University.

Current Research Projects

We are currently looking at how musculoskeletal ultrasound an augment the teaching of our medical students, residents and fellows.

Education and Training

  • MD: Medical College of Ohio (now University of Toledo Medical School)
  • Postgraduate Education/Training: Masters work in Biomedical Engineering at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
  • Residency: Flower Hospital, Sylvania, Ohio
  • Fellowship: Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan

Select Publications

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Professional Memberships

  • AAFP

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