Ohio State's STAR Program offers mental and psychological support needed to deal with stress and trauma.

The STAR (Stress, Trauma And Resilience) Program recognizes the importance of addressing experiences of trauma with evidence-based, trauma-informed practices and approaches to care. It is estimated that nine in 10 Americans are exposed to a traumatic event at some time in their lives. This includes abuse or violence, a disaster, a medical condition or a sudden and profound loss.

Ohio State Behavioral Health's Stress, Trauma And Resilience Program offers a variety of supportive programs for:

  • People who have suffered trauma
  • Community members who work in health care, public safety, the military and similar high-stress professions

Care Programs

The STAR Trauma Recovery Center (STAR TRC) offers specialized services to victims of crime and their families across Central Ohio through a grant awarded by the Ohio Attorney General’s office. This program facilitates healing for adult survivors of trauma, violence, and loss through an innovative, evidence-based model of comprehensive trauma-informed care, advocacy, and outreach. 

The STAR Clinic offers integrated therapeutic interventions to help patients cope with the impact of traumatic stress. The STAR Clinic also provides support services for physicians and other healthcare professionals and for first responders (such as police, EMTs and firefighters) who may suffer from the effects of vicarious trauma and burnout.

Trauma-Support Services offers brief supportive therapy for staff following participation in a difficult event. Staff are supported as they debrief, defuse and grieve losses after a traumatic situation. Support continues with aftercare and follow-up.

Resiliency Training helps individuals build strategies and skills that support their mental and behavioral health. These include mindfulness-based interventions and the relaxation response.

Research and Education

STAR also serves as a resource for psychological trauma education and training. STAR supports innovative, interdisciplinary research focused on the causes, biological and behavioral markers, prevention and treatment approaches related to psychological trauma. STAR uses an integrated approach combining physical and mental health perspectives.

Kenneth Yeager, PhD, LISW-S, LICDC, is director of the STAR Program. He is an associate professor - clinical in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health.

For information on the STAR Program, call 614-293-STAR (7827). Please choose option 1 for emergencies.

To support the STAR program, contact Michele S. Gregory, Executive Director of Neurological Institute Fundraising and Wexner Medical Center, Annual Giving, at 614-366-9564 or at Michele.Gregory2@osumc.edu.

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STAR provides mental health support for trauma-related treatment as well as research and education programs.

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