OSHN offers a portfolio of services that allow our member hospitals to reduce operational cost, provide professional develpment for staff, and improve the quality of care in their community.

Membership Benefits


Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management team acts as the independent hospitals' advocate to ensure members receive top tier pricing and service. Our supply chain management team negotiates pricing and manages vendor relations and contracting on behalf of the network.

Benefits include:

  • Membership in Vizient
  • Group discounts from Vizient, which combines the purchasing power of nearly 2,500 hospitals
  • Access to all Vizient contracts
  • Membership in an integrated purchasing network drawing on the leverage and product knowledge of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
  • Annual patronage fee and annual standardization rebates
  • Access to Ohio State Wexner Medical Center locally negotiated contracts
  • Access to The Ohio State Health Network discounts and contracts
  • Capital group buys, at a local and regional level
  • Group discounts on insurance benefits


As a member of The Ohio State Health Network, you gain access to Ohio State Wexner Medical Center educational resources for administrative and clinical staff.  Members are granted access to policies and procedures, practice guidelines, critical care paths and professional development provided by Ohio State Wexner Medical Center clinical staff.

All members of The Ohio State Health Network also have access to:


Shared Resources

All members of The Ohio State Health Network receive access to:

  • PolicyTech
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Clinical Key
  • Clinical Skills
  • Hospital Pharmacist's Letter
  • Hospital Pharmacy Technician's Letter 
  • MD Buyline – Buyline Capital
  • MD Buyline – Consumables
  • MD Buyline – Recall Tracker
  • Practice Link
  • Sg2


Members of The Ohio State Health Network have the opportunity to collaborate in telemedicine initiatives with Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. The telemedicine collaborative uses video and web-based technologies to connect regional hospitals and communities to the expertise of Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center, and extend our ability to offer fast, timely care that is convenient for the patient and referring physician.  For more information, please email karen.jackson@osumc.edu.


Physician Recruitment and Placement

Members of The Ohio State Health Network have access to Ohio State Wexner Medical Center’s Regional Faculty Recruiter, who helps match Ohio State residents with regional opportunities by collaborating with OSU Graduate Medical Education Administration and program coordinators.


Biomedical Services

Ohio Biomedical Services, a subsidiary of The Ohio State Health Network, provides the highest quality, most cost-effective clinical engineering and technology management services.

OBS technicians have more than 10 years of hospital and military biomedical experience with degrees in electrical engineering with biomedical majors. OBS technicians are dedicated and highly knowledgeable of all equipment regulatory standards.

Consulting services include equipment purchasing consultation, contract consulting and consolidation, regulatory compliance reporting and best practices, vendor service referrals and continuing education for patient care equipment.

For further information contact Jason Rogers, regional service manager, at Ohio Biomedical Services website.

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