The DOC-4 patient is the patient hospitalized for acute care needs. Doc-4 students will function as ‘acting interns’ for these patients with close supervision of the attending and resident. Responsibilities include: a minimum of four overnight calls in-house, independently assessing admissions, writing admission H and P's, entering admission orders to be co-signed by the resident, rounding daily on his or her own patients, independently assessing and contributing to the treatment plan, writing progress notes, entering daily orders, calling consultants, answering nursing questions, coordinating transitions of care with night coverage and at discharge, attending intern conferences, and teaching and mentoring med 3 students. The primary learning modality of Doc-4 is through clinical experience. However, readings, web-based modules and standardized patient scenarios may be employed to meet the learning objectives. The course is designed to allow the student to gain preliminary exposure in the evaluation of urological complaints, both on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Emphasis is on principles of urologic history taking and urologic physical examination. Principles of urinalysis are taught as well as the principles of reading urograms and other urologic-related radiographic studies. In the operating room, principles of cystoscopy are taught, and the student is given the opportunity to assist in surgery.

  1. The student has required conferences.
  2. The student participates in the clinical care of patients.
  3. The student aids in and is supervised in technical professional skills.
  4. The student observes faculty as mentors in the action of the doctor-patient relationship.

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