Improving lives through research and innovation

At The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, commitment to research and innovation continues to be emphasized through the investment in state-of-the-art facilities and resources with renowned scientists.

Key investments by sponsors and partners (public and industry) help advance imaging achievements. Furthermore, the imaging trans-institutional efforts have led to the involvement of such teams as The Ohio State University’s Computer Science and Engineering Department and The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. These investigative efforts have created exceptional education and training opportunities within a clinical environment.

Imaging Science

Imaging Science Division Chief: Michael Knopp, MD, PhD 

Underlying the academic mission of the Department of Radiology is a visionary and diverse investigative portfolio that includes 7.0T MRI of deep brain mapping in the Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging.

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Magnetic Resonance Elastography Laboratory

Lab Director, Magnetic Resonance Elastography: Arunark Kolipaka, PhD

In the Magnetic Resonance Elastography Laboratory, the department develops high-resolution magnetic resonance elastography of tissues of the body, including the myocardium, aorta, brain and liver.

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Augmented Intelligence in Imaging Laboratory

Lab Directors: Luciano Prevedello, MD, MPH and B. Selnur Erdal, PhD

Deep-learning sciences, machine-learning technologies and artificial intelligence applications to clinical imaging come together with our team of scientists in this laboratory. Focus areas range from the pursuit of the “imaging biopsy” through radiomics and radio-genomics to automate imaging detection of life-threatening conditions (e.g. stroke) for earlier intervention.


In the section of radiobiology, the department focuses on the study of cancer prevention at the molecular level.

Radiobiology Division Chief: Altaf Wani, PhD

Dr. Wang's Lab


Dr. Qi-en Wang, MD

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Biomedical Research Tower, Room 718

Postdoctoral researcher: Ran Zhao
Student research assistant
: Pengyin Shan

Dr. Wani's Lab


Altaf Wani, PhD

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Biomedical Research Tower, Room 718

Senior research associate: Gulzar Wani
Research associate
: Chunhua Han
Research associate
: Nidhi Sharma

Resident Research

Our residents are given 30 days of time for research projects that can be taken in one-day increments. While on a research day, the resident is excused from other clinical duties and these days can be taken at any time throughout the four year residency (in addition to yearly conference time and vacation time). This allows our residents to take days to prepare and perform research projects as needed throughout their residency. For example, if a resident is notified that revisions are needed to an IRB, that resident can request a research day to meet the time-sensitive deadline, as needed.