Didactic conferences for the Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship

Conferences enhance the clinical and research experience of our residents and fellows. These activities foster the intellectual growth and understanding of multidisciplinary care for patients.

Conferences Frequency Responsible for Session
CT Surgery CME Conference
Weekly CT surgery attendings
CT Surgery Resident Education Conference Weekly
CT surgery attendings
Catheterization Conference (Childrens' Hospital) Weekly
Children’s Hospital Cardiology and CT surgery attendings
Case Management (Children's Hospital) Weekly
Dr. Mark Galantowicz
M&M Conference Twice Monthly Dr. Juan Crestanello and Dr. Robert Merritt
Journal Club Monthly Dr. Susan Moffatt-Bruce
Cardiology/CT Surgery Conference Weekly
OSU Cardiology and CT surgery attendings
Surgery Grand Rounds Weekly
Department of Surgery
Heart Transplant Weekly
Dr. Ahmet Kilic
Lung Transplant Weekly
Dr. Bryan Whitson
Thoracic Tumor Board Weekly
Dr. David Carbone and Dr. Robert Merritt
Thoracic Case Conference Weekly
Dr. Robert Merritt
Research Conference Weekly