Training today's family physicians for tomorrow

At The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, you will be exposed to cutting edge techniques on specialty rotations while enjoying the dedicated teaching of family medicine physicians on an "unopposed" inpatient service at a community hospital. You will be part of an ever-changing, growing family. Our Family Medicine Residency offers you a choice of two tracks for your professional and personal development: University and Urban.

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The Urban Track is integrated on several levels with the University Track. Many of the rotations are the same for both tracks. Continuity patients (your practice) are seen at the urban site (Outpatient Care East) during second and third years of residency. During the first year, continuity patients are seen at Rardin Family Practice. Residents in either track have the opportunity to pursue their MBA or MPH at Ohio State during their residency training in the academic focus. The program is in complete compliance with the ACGME duty hours rules. Our focus is on the well-being of the resident with the goal of providing the best residency education available.
Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values


The mission of The Ohio State University Family Medicine Residency Program is to prepare residents for the exemplary practice of family medicine. We are committed to meet the physical, mental, social and spiritual healthcare needs of our patients. We are dedicated to providing an environment supportive of life-long learning and professional development. Towards these goals we are committed to modeling the highest standards of patient care, teaching and research.


  • Create a diversified learning environment
  • Develop a "reflective practice" model for life-long learning
  • Foster a culture that values patient care, education and research equally


We are compassionate and sensitive to the values of our patients, their families, our community and each other.

We constantly look for ways to deliver the highest quality healthcare to our patients and community and the highest quality education to our learners.

We value differences and respect the dignity of each person.

We work together to accomplish the education and training goals of the Ohio State Family Medicine Residency Program.

We are committed to the needs of the profession, community, patients, staff, students, residents and faculty.

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