Meet Ohio State's team of dermatology experts

The Division of Dermatology comprises a comprehensive team of doctors and staff, all focused on delivering high quality patient care, contributing to innovations in medicine and educating medical students and postgraduate trainees.

Our Leaders

Our leaders


Mark Bechtel, MD

Director, Division of Dermatology

Professor, General Dermatology

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Alisha Plotner, MD

Co-Director, Division of Dermatology

Assistant Professor, General Dermatology

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Joy Mosser-Goldfarb, MD

Director, Resident Program

Associate Professor, Pediatric Dermatology

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Jessica Kaffenberger, MD

Director, Medical Student Education

Assistant Professor, General Dermatology, Blistering Diseases, Cutaneous Lupus, Autoimmune Diseases

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Benjamin Kaffenberger, MD

Director, Dermatology Inpatient Consultation Service

Assistant Professor, Complex Medical Dermatology, General Dermatology

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Our Providers
Our Researchers

Our Researchers

Auxiliary Faculty

Auxiliary Faculty

Part-time and Teaching Faculty

Jess DeMaria, MD

Stephanie Fabbro, MD

Esteban Fernandez-Faith, MD

Farhana Hasan, MD, MPH

Katya Harfmann, MD

Michael McKelvey, MD


Joy Mosser, MD

Novie Sroa, MD

Patricia Witman, MD

Volunteer Faculty

Brian Biernat, MD
Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatology
       Joseph Bikowski, MD
General Dermatology
Marya Cassandra, DO

General Dermatology

Adam Hessel, MD
General Dermatology and Dermatopathology
Maralyn Seavolt, MD

Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatology

Dermatology Residents

Dermatology Residents

Polina Rzepka, MD PGY 4

MD: The Ohio State University, Columbus

Sabrina Smith, MD PGY 4

MD: The Ohio State University, Columbus

Kevin Donnelly, MD PGY 3

Maeve Maher, MD, MPH PGY 3

MD: The Ohio State University, Columbus

Nima Milani-Nejad, MD, PhD PGY 3

MD: The Ohio State University, Columbus

Abraham Korman, MD PGY 2

Philip Milam, MD PGY 2

Stephanie Saed, MD PGY 2

Administrative Staff

Beth Kistler Olds, RN, BSN
Division Administrator
EPIC Nurse Analyst/Coordinator 
       Valorie Winslow
Resident and Fellow Program

       Aleitha Gates
Clinical Research Coordinator