The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center wants to be your partner in the care you provide to your patients

We are committed to improving people’s lives through personalized health care. When you refer your patient to us, we are pleased to assist you with the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of your patients’ care.

Prompt communication is one of the most important elements in the service we provide to referring physicians. We know you are interested in the diagnosis, medications and treatment plan we recommend for your patient. So we connect you to DocLink, our web-based program that allows you timely, secure access to your patients’ electronic records. And we are happy to consult with you anytime over the phone at 614-293-4444.

We understand that you entrust your patients to us for expert, specialized care. It is our goal to provide that care professionally and return your patient back to you quickly. We greatly appreciate your confidence in referring your patient to our hospital. It is our goal to provide your patient with the highest quality of care in the most efficient manner.

Simple Referral Form

  1. Download our Referral Form or, use your own
  2. Fax the referral form to 614-293-1456

Quick Consultation

614-293-4444  Available 24/7 

We are happy to discuss additional options for your patients or provide you with specialized information. Get the information you need from more than 1,000 Ohio State specialists in 50 medical specialties quickly and easily. A trained coordinator will answer and route your call to an appropriate physician or expert.