The Division of Human Genetics, in the Department of Internal Medicine, offers outpatient and inpatient consultation services, performs clinical and translational research and participates in community education and outreach. Our physicians and faculty collaborate with colleagues throughout our medical center and around world. Additionally, the Master of Genetic Counseling Graduate Program addresses the rapidly growing need for genetics professionals.

Comprehensive services

Our comprehensive services include a Clinical Cancer Genetics Program with risk assessments and genetic counseling to 800 patients yearly and, as needed, their families. A Cardiovascular Genetic and Genomic Medicine Program, in conjunction with Ohio State’s Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, offers consultation for hereditary forms of heart disease at multiple clinics. And the Medical Genetics and Genomics Program provides risk assessment, genetic counseling and, when appropriate, genetic testing for the many different conditions that can run in families. These can range from bleeding and blot-clotting disorders to diseases of the skin, kidney, lung and eye. The Neuroscience Genetics and Genomics Program focuses on neuromuscular disorders, but also provides consultation for a wide array of neurological conditions.

Our program offers risk assessment tools for health care providers, including the interactive Family HealthLink which allows you to estimate your own risk by reviewing patterns of cancer, heart disease and related conditions in your family.

Whether originating from a single gene, a chromosome or inherited genetic disorders encompass a broad span of conditions. Ohio State's Division of Human Genetics is a leader in providing the most up-to-date, thorough and advanced information available.

Genetic testing can be provided on a clinical or research basis. Genetic testing is routinely performed on a small sample of blood, saliva or cheek swab.

Our Leaders

Our leaders


Ray Hershberger, MD

Director of Division of Human Genetics, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Since my 2012 appointment as director, I have worked toward expanding the medical genetics program at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and the clinical cancer program at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. As a physician-scientist, my focus is not only on laboratory and translational research but also in sharing knowledge with others though publishing, advising students and participating in professional societies. I received my MD from University of Nebraska. View my full bio.

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