Our team of more than 24,000 is driven by our mission to improve health in Ohio and across the world through innovations and transformation in research, education, patient care and community engagement. The foundation of our strategic plan is centered on our ambition, mission, vision and values.



We will become a top academic medical center driving breakthrough health care solutions that transform people's lives and the communities in which they live.


We will improve health in Ohio and across the world through innovation in research, education and patient care.


We will push the boundaries of discovery and knowledge, solve significant health problems and deliver unparalleled care.


Inclusiveness, Determination, Empathy, Sincerity, Ownership and Innovation


To achieve our ambition, mission and vision, we need specific goals and strategies that can be put into action.

The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center has an important role in the success of the university's new strategic plan. One of the core strengths and assets of the medical center is being part of Ohio State — the largest and most comprehensive university in the nation. By being part of the university, the medical center is benefiting from an unlimited supply of innovative thought, research breakthroughs and talent resources that most health organizations do not have access to.

To further Ohio State's aspiration, the medical center has developed a multifaceted strategic plan that advances the university's Academic Health Care goal and will continue our history of success. The five goals of the plan include:
Doctors and Nurses


Our goal is to foster an environment to attract, develop and retain a diverse and inclusive team of people committed to creating a culture of innovation, collaboration and impact

Our people bring the medical center’s plan to life. By bringing together the right talent and the right culture to foster curiosity, collaboration, innovation and discovery, we will move the medical center forward. Our efforts will focus on these strategies:

  • Develop a 5-year enterprise-wide, analytics-driven, talent needs and gap analysis
  • Develop an organizational culture that reflects the values of Wexner Medical Center and inspires our workforce.
  • Develop a workforce that is representative of our community and embraces inclusion, equity and diversity.
  • Design and implement a total rewards package that reflects the unique work and value of Wexner Medical Center faculty and staff.
  • Increase engagement and retention of faculty and staff through talent development, defined career pathways, and clear promotion and tenure policies.
  • Design and implement a high-touch, high-value, data-driven recruitment process that attracts diverse, world-class talent.


Researchers in Lab


Our goal is to pioneer life-altering biomedical discoveries and their translation into breakthrough health care solutions

Research is foundational to Ohio State and our academic health care mission. Through our research, we are changing patient care and taking care breakthroughs to the patient bedside and to the community. Our efforts will focus on:

  • Increasing the quantity and quality of inter-disciplinary biomedical research space through building new and repurposing existing space.
  • Building recognized strength in targeted scientific fields across the health sciences.
  • Investing in infrastructure that enables and supports a broad and diversified scientific portfolio.
  • Building strategic partnerships and reinvent health commercialization to enhance the research portfolio and improve technology transfer outcomes.

Our plan in action:

  • Find out how our researchers are accelerating innovation by slowing the decline of patients with Alzheimer's disease.
Instructor with students


Ohio State must continue to push the boundaries of health professional education, to create the next generation of clinicians and leaders

We will implement an innovative, interprofessional education model to educate the most diverse and sought-after health professionals in the world. Our efforts will focus on these strategies:

  • Advance Ohio State’s education mission utilizing innovations that will enable Ohio State to serve as a national leader in delivering excellence in health science education.
  • Create a 21st century learner-centered environment through the advancement of interprofessional education among the health sciences colleges through curriculum, programmatic innovations, and health sciences facilities.
  • Become a national leader among peers in embracing and advancing inclusive excellence and cultural competencies among faculty, staff and students.
  • Outperform peers and serve as a national model on developing pathways that promote access and innovative models to ensure affordability.
  • Become a top college/school that leverages technology to provide excellence in teaching and learning.
Doctor treating patient


Improve health in our communities through innovative and comprehensive delivery and engagement models

Ohio State will improve health in our communities through innovative and comprehensive delivery and engagement models. We have a critical role in both meeting the most complex care needs of our community and also keeping our community and individuals healthy. This role can only be filled by a leading academic medical center such as Ohio State. Our efforts will focus on:

  • Delivering superior quality, safety, and accessibility for patients, referring providers and payers.
  • Growing tertiary and quaternary care through targeted service line expansion and differentiation.
  • Delivering cost-effective, person-centered care at the right time in the right place.
  • Positioning Ohio State to be the national benchmark for healthcare in the digital era.
  • Creating and strengthening partnerships to solve complex community health problems and improve statewide care.
  • Improving the health of the community through targeted focus on social determinants of health, health equity and population/public health.
The Wexner Medical Center


To achieve our ambition and our goals, we must be a responsible steward of all resources to enable delivery of high quality, cost effective care and investments in all aspects of our mission

This will require us to be innovative and open to new ideas. Leadership toward sustaining our mission will come from faculty and staff across the medical center as they innovate on how we can build upon our proven track record of operational sustainability. Our efforts will focus on these strategies:

  • Achieve revenue growth targets by successfully implementing ambulatory growth plans, continuing market share growth and enhancing the revenue cycle to achieve revenue growth targets.
  • Develop new sources of revenue across the care continuum and from new business ventures.
  • Focus on increasing philanthropic support to further our mission, with a focus on meeting capital commitments and expanding our national profile.
  • Future-proof the organization by implementing an aligned strategy around value-based care and alternative payment models.


The Wexner Medical Center has always been on the leading edge of discovery and patient care. But we are ready to go further.

How will we do it? Where others stop, we keep going. Where others see limitations, we see possibilities. Where others say there is no solution, we work tirelessly until we find one. We break right through obstacles, barriers, conventions, setbacks, distraction, opposition and doubt. When we stay focused and determined and we work together toward common goals, nothing can hold us back. It’s time for Ohio State to break through.

What's our mission at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center? Watch to see how we're driving breakthroughs to improve people's lives in central Ohio, throughout the state, nationally and beyond.


Our long-term vision is to develop space and facilities that strengthen our position as a national flagship public research university.

Our facilities must be able to keep up with our unceasing curiosity and ideas for innovation. But we want to aim higher than just keeping up. We want to create environments that inspire new ways of collaborating, new approaches to hurdles and new ideas to explore and evaluate. 

Four areas of investment in Framework 2.0, guided and informed by the university’s strategic plan, are:


Time and Change: Enable, Empower and Inspire

Ohio State aspires to be a leading national flagship public research university. The university’s new strategic plan, “Time and Change: Enable, Empower and Inspire,” has five areas of focus. Learn more about Ohio State’s Strategic plan.


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