This information is provided to assist suppliers with the process of building business relationships with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Visit the links below to learn more.

Compliance process

If on-site at the Medical Center:

  • Vendor representatives should upload evidence of vaccination or exemption in VendorMate which will allow them to print a day pass or present a virtual pass upon entry.
  • Contracted employees who have a account should upload evidence of vaccination or exemption at To look up name.# accounts, check
  • Contracted personnel who do not have a name.# account should complete the Attestation found at Additional information may be required later.

If entering non-Medical Center buildings and considered an “embedded” vendor, the vendor Attestation will suffice; evidence of vaccination status is not required. All vendors are expected to evaluate whether they meet the definition of embedded and, when applicable, self-identify as an embedded vendor. Vendors who self-identify as embedded should notify their regular university contact and also affirm their compliance via the online Attestation form.

Suppliers / Vendors Accessing Ohio State during COVID-19

Suppliers / Vendors Accessing Ohio State during COVID-19

Only suppliers necessary for patient care or providing approved deliveries may enter the buildings.

Due to the increasing number of COVID-positive patients within the hospitals and increasing numbers in the general population, Ohio State has limited visitation.

Value analysis is allowing supplier representatives into our facilities, only when absolutely necessary.

If a supplier representative is not required for a critical procedure or patient safety-related need, the representative will not be allowed to enter the hospital. For questions, email

For permitted suppliers dropping off supplies to our medical center facilities, your concurrence and acknowledgement of the statements below are required prior to entry:

Doing Business with Us

Introducing New Products

Introducing New Products

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has an ethical obligation to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. To do this we use a supply value analysis process that engages both our clinicians and staff to make new product decisions. New supplies are carefully reviewed using a multiple-criteria decision analysis that includes factors such as: evidence-based results, product effectiveness, patient and clinician safety, impact on patient and clinician satisfaction, ease of use, infection control effectiveness, durability, compatibility and financial analysis.

ValuVu by ECRI is used as part of our supply value analysis process. This web‐based software specifically addresses many of the manual inefficiencies that exist today with reviewing and evaluating new products.

  • To start this process the sponsor (internal staff member) will enter the product into ValuVu.
  • If your sponsor is unsure how to complete the first step, please have them reach out to
  • Once the sponsor has completed the submission process, the representative assigned to the submission will receive a questionnaire to complete.
  • You have 30 days to complete the questionnaire or the product will automatically decline.

If a supplier has any questions about the status of their new product request, they can email If a supplier needs assistance, the ValuVu. Please contact ECRI Customer Service team. or (610) 825-6000 ext. 5891

Vendor Policies

All vendors conducting business with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) are expected to understand applicable OSUWMC policies. The purpose of these policies is to effectively manage our relationships and interactions with the vendor community to advance our mission of improving people’s lives through innovation in research, education and patient care.

A number of OSU/OSUWMC policies may be applicable to a Vendor’s experience at OSUWMC. The Vendor acknowledges and agrees to comply with the following policies as they apply to the Vendor.  The Vendor is responsible for any costs incurred related to compliance with these policies.

Vendors parties requiring remote access to OSUWMC IT systems or Contractors requiring OSUWMC-issued identification badges for in-person access to OSUWMC facilities will require compliance with the Background Check Policy and Standards. Contractors may also be required to comply with health screenings in accordance with the Non-discretionary Vaccination Policy.

Vendors Visiting Our Facilities

Vendors Visiting Our Facilities

Vendor COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements

Vendormate Credentialing enables Vendor Representatives to register, agree to policies and procedures, and submit proof of adherence to OSUWMC’s Health Screening and Background Check Requirements. All Vendor Representatives must be properly credentialed prior to visiting OSUWMC and Vendor Representatives are responsible for maintaining their Vendormate Credentialing Profile to remain properly credentialed.

Once a Vendor Representative is properly credentialed, that Vendor Representative must properly check in and check out at the Vendormate Credentialing kiosk prior to and after each visit, and have a scheduled appointment with an OSUWMC employee prior to coming on-site. 

Kiosks are located at:

  Rhodes Hall, 1st Floor – Main Lobby

Ross Heart Hospital, 1st Floor – Main Lobby

James Cancer Hospital, 1st Floor – Main Lobby

University Hospital East, 4th Floor - Operating Room Entrance

Rhodes Hall, 4th Floor - Operating Room Entrance

Ross Heart Hospital, 2nd Floor – Cath/EP Lab Entrance

Ross Heart Hospital, 4th Floor- Operating Room Entrance

James Cancer Hospital, 4th Floor - Operating Room Entrance

A Vendor Representative without a scheduled appointment will be denied a valid badge for access into the facility. 

Vendor Representatives who decline to complete the credentialing process through Vendormate Credentialing risk revocation of their facility access and the OSUWMC Security will be notified.

Please contact Supplier Relations at with any questions.