Current Residents

The Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery has a long tradition of training leaders in otolaryngology. Our residents have been recipients of multiple national and regional awards over the past five years. Ohio State’s Otolaryngology Residency Program graduates have achieved prominence and success in community practice and at major academic institutions throughout the United States.


Alexander Rock, MD PGY5

Rock AlexanderHometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Undergrad: University of Utah
MD: The George Washington University

Hobbies/interests: Cycling, triathlons, skiing, hiking and camping

Jaron Densky, MD PGY5

Densky JaronHometown: Morristown, TN
Undergrad: Bachelor of Science in chemistry, University of Tennessee
MD: University of Tennessee College of Medicine

 Playing pretty much every sport, fishing, kayaking, hiking, being outdoors

Jeffrey Straub, MD PGY5

Straub JeffreyHometown: Prairie Village, KS
Undergrad: BS in biochemistry, Tulane University
MD: University of Kansas School of Medicine

Hobbies/interests: Singing, piano, beatboxing, tennis, soccer, ping-pong, international cuisine, other languages/cultures, chess, card games, trivia

Tom Zhou, MD PGY5

Zhou TomHometown: Minneapolis, MN
Undergrad: BA mathematical methods in the social sciences and economics, Northwestern University
MD: University of Minnesota

Hobbies/interests: Long-distance running, repairing cars, working on home improvement projects, collecting beer bottles and rooting for the Twins, Vikings and Bulls


Chen Lin, MD PGY4

LinHometown: Roanoke, VA
Undergrad: University of Virginia
MD: The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Hobbies/interests: Golf, tennis, biking, movies

Dustin Silverman, MD PGY4

SilvermanHometown: Topeka, KS                                                       
Undergrad School: Indiana University                                        
MD: University of Kansas School of Medicine                                                                       

Hobbies/interests: Writing music, karate, cooking, movies, reading, family

Eric Mason, MD PGY4

MasonHometown: Powder Springs, GA                                          
Undergrad School: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
MD: Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Hobbies/interests: Mountain biking, snowboarding, live music, golf

Kevin Zhan, MD PGY4

ZhanHometown: Fairfax, VA
Undergrad: Virginia Tech: literature and biochemistry
MD: University of Virginia

Hobbies/interests: Reading, coffee cupping, photojournalism, NBA, other cultures/languages, violin, impersonations, research


Akash Naik, MD PGY3

Naik AkashHometown: South Carolina
Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
MD: Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine

Hobbies/personal interests: Soccer, running, surfing, cycling, tennis, reading, listening to podcasts, backpacking and traveling

Lucy Shi, MD PGY3

Shi LucyHometown: New York, New York
Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
MD: Emory University School of Medicine

Hobbies/personal interests: Synchronized swimming, indoor gardening, photography, layout and graphic design, running, playing piano and traveling

Nora Ibrahim, MD PGY3

Ibrahim NoraHometown: Chicago, Illinois
Undergrad: University of Illinois
MD: Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Hobbies/personal interests: Journalism, writing, running, charity work, learning languages, baking, international medical mission work

Rohan Khandalavala, MD PGY3

Khandalavala RohanHometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Undergrad: Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska
MD: University of Nebraska College of Medicine

Hobbies/personal interests: Playing guitar, classical piano and violin, running, sports and music documentaries, college and professional basketball


Ashley Heilingoetter, MD PGY2

Heilingoetter_Ashley_13593296_PhotoHometown: Chicago, IL
Undergrad: Illinois Wesleyan University – BA in Biology
Masters: University of Michigan – MPH with focus in Human Nutrition
MD: Rush University

Hobbies/interests: Running, Rush Medical College soccer, baking, traveling, dogs, the Chicago Blackhawks

Masanari Kato, MD PGY2

Kato_Masanari_13290900_PhotoHometown: Irvington, NY
Undergrad: Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Institute of Technology – BS in Chemical Engineering
MD: Stony Brook University School of Medicine
Clinical Research Fellowship: Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Hobbies/ interests: Ultimate frisbee, martial arts-karate

Michael Li, MD PGY2

Li_Michael_13444599_PhotoHometown: Davis, CA 
Undergrad: The University of California at Berkeley – BA in Integrative Biology
MD: The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Hobbies/ interests: Cooking, running, backpacking, playing soccer, snowboarding, reading, listening to podcasts, making coffee

Rishabh Sethia, MD PGY2

Sethia_Rishabh_13401180_PhotoHometown: Chicago, IL
Undergrad: Indiana University – BS in Biology (summa cum laude)
MD: The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Hobbies/interests: Playing basketball, tennis, acoustic guitar, running, travel, movies, cooking, college basketball, college football


Maxwell Bergman, MD PGY1

Hometown: Houston, OH
Undergrad: The Ohio State University, BS in Microbiology with Research Distinction
Masters: Georgetown University, MS in Psychology
Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine

Jeremy Godsell, MD PGY1

Undergrad: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – Gillings School of Public Health, BS in Environmental Health Science, Minors in Biology and Chemistry
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
Hobbies/Interests: fly fishing, conservation, skiing, stained glass, painting, basketball, swimming, reading

Hannah Kuhar, MD PGY1

Undergrad: Dartmouth College, BA in History of Medicine and Society, Minor in Anthropology of Global Health
Medical School: Rush Medical College
Hobbies/Interests: running, medical history, pottery making, Rush University Harmony singing group, traveling, tennis, golf, cooking

Joseph Lee, MD PGY1

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame, BS in Science-Business
Masters: Relay Graduate School of Education, MA in Teaching in Childhood Education
Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Hobbies/Interests: golfing, snowboarding, origami, traveling, science-fiction novels, teaching and education

Sarah Nyirjesy, MD PGY1

Undergrad: Amherst College, BA in Psychology and French
Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: running, squash, tennis, listening to podcasts, traveling, French – proficient spoken and written
Past Residents

Past Residents

2018 - 2019

Corey Cheresnick, MD
Jigar Sitapara, MD
Maria Koenigs, MD
Scott Kramer, MD

Christian Francom, MD
Nolan Seim, MD
Scott Smith, MD
Yin Yiu, MD


2015 - 2017

Benjamin Bush, MD
Azeem Kaka, MD
Kyle McMullen, MD
Daniel Strigenz, MD

Candace Hrelec, MD
Stephen Nogan, MD
Hafiz Patwa, MD
Sanjeet Rangarajan, MD, M.Eng
Troy Howard, MD
Winslo Idicula, MD
Leslie Kim, MD
Benjamin Tweel, MD

2012 - 2014

Brian Boyce, MD
Lauren Cunningham, MD
Anna Marcinow, MD

Sarah Bowe, MD
Michael Cipolla, MD
Stanley McClurg, MD
Patrick Walz, MD

Tendy Chiang, MD
Matthew Garrett, MD
Michael Hubbell, MD
David Melon, MD

More +

2009 - 2011

Agnes Hurtuk, MD
Laura Matrka, MD
Lawrence Robinson, Jr., MD
Andrew Tompkins, MD

Jonathan Grischkan, MD
Ryan Hendricker, MD
Cherie Ryoo, MD

Eugene Chio, MD
Alfred Fleming, Jr., MD
Kris Jatana, MD

2006 - 2008

Sumit Bapna, MD
Brad W. deSilva, MD
Jeff Rastatter, MD

Brad Otto, MD
Omar Husein, MD
Nancy Butler, MD

Minka L. Schofield, MD
Stephen P. Smith, Jr., MD
R. Mark Wiet, MD

2003 - 2005

Charles A. Elmaraghy, MD
Thomas H. Hammond, MD
Scott G. Shipley, MD

J. Christopher Davis, MD
Chad McCormick, MD
Leopold Yin, MD

Dawn Griesen, MD
Todd Hobgood, MD
Shounan Yao, MD