Physicians and patients seeking the most comprehensive, patient-focused care for thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer travel to The Ohio State University from across the region and around the world.

“Ohio State has shown longstanding, internationally recognized leadership in defining optimal clinical care and performing transformative research,” explains Matthew Ringel, MD. “Our physicians are key contributors in national training courses, guidelines committees, clinical trials and patient organizations.”

Within the Ohio State Thyroid Cancer Unit, patients receive multidisciplinary care. We work closely with referring physicians to ensure:

  • Continuity of care for patients
  • A spirit of teamwork

The Thyroid Cancer Unit is comprised of physicians and researchers within the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.

Making Key Contributions through Research

Our thyroid cancer research team is funded through a variety of sources, including the National Cancer Institute and the American Thyroid Association. Major awards have led to key discoveries that involve: 

  • Predicting who will develop thyroid cancer
  • Minimizing side effects from treatment
  • Developing new treatment approaches for patients with aggressive forms of thyroid cancer

In other notable projects: 

  • Researchers studied the use of diagnostics in patients with thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer to better inform clinical practice.
  • Members of our team led the International Thyroid Oncology Group and have worked with studies that, in part, resulted in FDA approval for new thyroid cancer medications.

“Through these research efforts and in our active clinical practice, we are leading the way to improve the health and well-being of patients with thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer,” says Dr. Ringel.

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