Innovations in internal medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Health care is changing. With greater numbers living with complex chronic diseases, the need for primary care research in internal medicine is more essential than ever. Patients need high quality evidence-based care and help to preserve their independence and quality of life. Additionally, patients need this to be accomplished while stabilizing the costs associated with medical care. The division is tackling these problems by focusing on clinically relevant research in the areas of patient care, education and innovative care models.

We are building strong collaborative relationships throughout the University. Current collaborators are found in the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health. We also have research partnerships with the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and the Departments of Economics, English and Psychology.

If you are interested in working with us or learning more about the Division of General Internal Medicine, please contact Seuli Brill, MD at

Pragmatic Clinical Trials Network (PCTN)

The Division of General Internal Medicine is proud to house the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Network (PCTN), a service offered through the Center for Clinical and Translational Science at OSU.

The PCTN was designed to allow investigators access to a “living laboratory” for their research. In addition to accessing a diverse population of more than 50,000 patients spanning seven clinical sites, the PCTN offers researchers assistance in project planning, development and execution. To discuss how the PCTN can partner with your project, please contact Seuli Brill, MD at


We collaborate widely within The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and University community in a vast array of patient-centered research. The breadth of our primary care internal medicine, pediatrics and geriatric practices opens the door for productive interdisciplinary collaborations with medical sciences, social sciences and humanities. Some of our current collaborative partnerships include work with researchers from the College of Nursing, the College of Pharmacy, the College of Public Health, the Department of English, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Economics here at Ohio State. We also work with several research teams across the country.

Such partnerships are mutually beneficial to our patients, clinicians and research collaborators. We strategically work with researchers who investigate questions that are clinically relevant to our patient population. We want our research to directly improve the quality of care we provide and influence the health and well-being of our patients.

Our Researchers

Our leaders

Seuli Brill

Seuli Brill, MD

Research Director; Director, Center for Health Outcomes in Medicine Scholarship and Service (HOMES); Section Chief, Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

As research director, Dr. Seuli Brill leads her own research program and and guides other providers in the division of general internal medicine with their research. Dr. Brill’s research is based on provider/ patient communication. 

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Kelli Barnes

Kelli Barnes, PharmD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Kelli’s research interests include the use of population health to improve the quality and cost of care provided in a primary care setting and the sustainability of pharmacist-provided care in primary care settings.

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Stuart Beatty

Stuart Beatty, PharmD, BCPS

Associate Professor, Clinical Medicine

Pharmacist Stuart Beatty works with a multi-faceted team, all looking to ensure patients obtain the best care and advice on their medications. Along with carrying out patient care, Dr. Beatty and his team investigate population health management.

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Christopher Chiu

Christopher Chiu, MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Dr. Chiu is concerned with medicine and social media and how it impacts medical treatments. Dr. Chiu is also involved in Free Open Access Medicine and hopes to bring these interests to fruition at Ohio State.

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Camilla Curren

Camilla Curren, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

Currently, Dr. Curren is working with a multi-disciplinary team on research that will enhance the quality of life of humans and their animal counterparts. She recognizes the multiple health benefits that both people and animals experience when pets are included in the household.

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Martin Fried

Martin Fried, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

Dr. Martin Fried joined the Division of General Internal Medicine in 2018, bringing with him an enthusiastic attitude towards research and education. Alongside his busy primary care practice, Dr. Fried is interested in the integration of comprehensive primary care and outpatient addiction medicine.

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Gail Grever

Gail Grever, MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Dr. Gail Grever’s research applies continuous quality improvement to patient care. Together with a team of fellow doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, she examines how to improve patient care workflow and care coordination for patients impacted by complex chronic diseases.

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Christopher Hanks

Christopher Hanks, MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Dr. Hanks is involved in programs designed to develop new approaches of treatment for autism. Currently, he is involved in a review-based research project, which is being carried out using existing teenage patients. By obtaining details on these patients’ experiences, gaps in the healthcare system can be modified as they transition into adult care.

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Heather Hirsch

Heather Hirsch, MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Director, Women’s Health Education, The Center for Women’s Health 

Within the Department of General Internal Medicine, Dr. Heather Hirsch’s research focuses  on addressing clinical gaps in women’s health care spanning the woman’s lifetime with a clinical focus on contraception and menopause.

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Scott Holliday

Scott Holliday, MD

Associate Professor, Clinical Medicine

Dr. Holliday is currently involved with multiple research studies, including looking at ways to promote empathetic communication of medical residents. He is also actively involved in looking at ways to reduce the burnout of doctors, ultimately providing better quality patient care. Dr. Holliday works with his research team to re-design the education programs to aid resident satisfaction. 

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Guibin Li

Guibin Li, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Dr. Li works on research studies, with outcomes aimed to improve the quality of life of patients. Dr. Li is investigating the impact of polypharmacy, and looking to see whether its discontinuation affects the patient’s quality of life. She is also investigating Alzheimer’s disease, with particular interest in the diagnosis and management of dementia in primary care.

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Erin McConnell, MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Dr. Erin McConnell is currently pursuing her Masters in Medical Humanities and has a strong research interest in this topic and also medical education. Dr. McConnell specializes in preventative care and encourages patients to learn about their care.

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Jared Moore

Jared Moore, MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Dr. Moore is committed to the education of his patients and working to improve their understanding about health concerns. He believes that patients with a greater understanding of their own health concerns will be able to make more informed decisions about their treatment and this will result in increased patient safety, and improved quality of care.

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Karen Moss

Karen O. Moss, PhD, RN, CNL

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

 Dr. Karen Moss’ program of research focuses on the neuroscience of pain, advance care planning, healthcare decision-making, and quality-of-life outcomes for patients with serious chronic illness and their families. She examines factors that influence end-of-life decision-making processes for African American older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and their family caregivers.

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Laura Prater

Laura Prater, PhD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Dr. Laura Prater’s long-term research interests involve measurably improving quality outcomes for vulnerable patients nearing the end-of-life.

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Andrew Schamess

Andrew Schamess, MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Combining a unique approach to problem-solving with more than 20 years of experience as an Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Schamess is employing a whole-person approach to healthcare in order to address the health challenges faced by Adults with Chronic Healthcare Needs (ACHNs). His research interests center on developing new strategies for health care delivery to complex patients. 

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Patrick Schnell, PhD

Biostatistics, College of Public Health


Nazhat Taj-Schaal, MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Dr. Nazhat Taj-Schaal’s clinical interests include providing primary care for whole families. Dr. Taj-Schaal is able to manage patients across the age spectrum and effectively transitions pediatrics patients with chronic medical conditions to adult specialists. Her clinical interests include preventative medicine and chronic disease management. 

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Neeraj Tayal

Neeraj Tayal, MD

Director, Division of General Internal Medicine

Associate Professor, Clinical Medicine
As division director for General Internal Medicine, Dr.Tayal oversees 60 doctors at seven ambulatory and three inpatient sites. He has experience in practice management, information systems and healthcare quality improvement, and applies all of that expertise to improving our healthcare system to better serve the population of Central Ohio. 

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Michael Tiso

Michael Tiso, MD

Assistant Professor, Clinical

Dr. Michael Tiso’s focus is in sport medicine, concussion in particular.  Research over the past decade has changed the way concussions are diagnosed and treated, however many questions still remain. Little is known as to when athletes are safe to resume driving following a concussion. Dr. Tiso is working with Nationwide Children’s Hospital enrolling athletes in a driving simulator study to help answer this question. 

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Wendy Xu, PhD

Health Services Research, College of Public Health


Publications and Presentations

Publications and Presentations