Finding a calling by making a difference in health care

Blake Hyden-Columbro, Central Sterile Supply


Blake Hyden-Columbro is a supervisor in Central Sterile Supply/High-Level Disinfection

Blake Hyden-Columbro, CRCST, CHL, had dreamed of serving others in law enforcement, but when that work took him into a medical environment, he found a new calling – making a difference through health care.

"I knew whatever I did, that I wanted a job not only helping others by making a difference in their lives but also that’s different each day in my life,” says Blake, who’s now a supervisor in Central Sterile Supply/High-Level Disinfection, where he helps patients by providing them with clean and sterile instruments for surgeries.

Work in this department is constantly changing and evolving.

"I'm always learning something new while positively impacting other people's lives," says Blake, known for his broad smile and infectious energy.

"I love a little bit of everything — the planning that goes into each day, the communications with other departments, the challenges and the problems I can solve. But, most importantly, what inspires me is the opportunity to make a difference,” Blake says. “When I see a patient getting discharged from the OR, I always feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment knowing my team and I were a bit of that. We made a positive outcome in that patient’s life, not just today, but in the future too."

Blake says working at Ohio State Outpatient Care New Albany has been one of the best experiences of his career and he’s thankful for his teammates and great leadership.