How often should you wash your sheets?

The average person does two to three loads of laundry a week, but how often does one of these loads include your bed sheets? It’s a great feeling to hop into bed after a long day, knowing that your sheets have been cleaned and no longer have any leftover saliva, make up marks or the day’s dirt.  
How often should you wash your bed sheets?
This depends on the person. Typically, you should wash your sheets once every one to two weeks. Individuals with disorders that may result in excess sweating or who are confined to bed should consider washing or switching sets of sheets more frequently. 
Should you wash your pillowcase more frequently?
You can, but generally, your pillowcase and bed sheets should be washed at the same time to avoid placing a clean pillow case on soiled bedding, as dirt will get transferred to the pillow case, defeating the intended purpose. 
Should you use a certain type of detergent for you bedding?
When washing your bedding, you should use paraben-free and dye-free detergents. These are less likely to cause skin irritation or headaches from the added chemicals. 
How often should you wash your duvet cover/decorative blankets?
This depends on how much traffic the bedding sees. Places like hotels and guest rooms should wash their decorative bedding more often than personal bedrooms. Typically, these should be washed monthly. If a person is confined to bed or has an illness, the comforters will need to be cleaned more frequently. 
Desmond Shipp is a dermatologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

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